How Much Does It Cost To Develop Solar Panel Monitoring App?

Cost To Develop Solar Panel Monitoring App

How Much Does It Cost To Develop Solar Panel Monitoring App?

Solar Panel Monitoring App Development: Top Benefits, Best Features, & Development Costs

Solar power is the best source of generating energy from and installation of solar panels at home or office meets the energy requirements for many years with just simple time investments. To reduce electric power consumption and hefty expense bills, the use of Solar panels for residential and commercial purposes is increasing worldwide. Businesses of all sizes and even individuals are switching to solar power grids and installing panels on their roofs.

According to market researchers, the global solar power market value was at $167.83 billion in 2021 and $235 billion in 2022 and is expected to reach approximately $374 billion in the next coming five years at an annual growth rate of 6%.

Hence, a surge in Solar Panel installations is directly offering unbeatable opportunities for Solar panel monitoring mobile app development. Solar panel management apps have become very popular in remotely monitoring the panel’s performance, energy generation, usage metrics, etc.

This article would be a guide for companies who are in plans to invest in Solar panel monitoring app development. Investments in solar monitoring apps for Android and iOS offer profitable business and increased RoI as the demand is high.

Firstly, let’s look at the top of the benefits of solar panel monitoring app development for businesses.


Top Benefits Of Solar Panel Monitoring App Development

Here are the significant advantages of IoT-based solar power monitoring and panel management apps:

·       The best solar apps make panel management hassle-free and efficient
·       Solar power monitoring apps suitable for tracking the panel performance all the time
·       Solar panel monitoring apps constantly track the panel output and its performance
·       Cloud-based solar panel monitoring applications (Android/iOS) allow users to view the solar panel’s performance in real-time.
·       Users can integrate their multiple solar sites and can easily view operational data of the panels located across sites.
·       On-the-go data access through secured cloud platforms
·       Maximize consumption and minimize costs.
·       Using IoT-based weather monitoring sensors, users can get real-time notifications on the current and forecasted weather data.
·       Solar panel monitoring apps track individual module performance and intelligently identify flaws in placements or functionalities etc.
·       The solar panel monitoring apps generate analytical reports and help in using the panels in accordance with electricity board.
·       IoT-enabled or Cloud-based solar power panel monitoring apps ensure optimized performance at low costs


Now, let’s look at a few must-have features and functionalities of solar panel monitoring apps.

Significant Features That Makes A Solar Panel Monitoring App Efficient

Features and functionalities plays major roles in measuring the application success. Features of a mobile app will decide the users’ satisfaction levels and their retention. So, when you have plans to invest in Solar panel tracking apps development, must focus on features list.

The development of such advanced mobile apps needs to pay much attention to feature selection. Here are the best features of a solar panel monitoring application.

·       Energy Production Monitoring Feature

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) like advanced development technologies, Solar panel monitoring applications track and store power generation data from panels. This feature will be beneficial to know how much power is generated from the panels in real-time.

·       Module Performance Monitoring Feature

Using IoT and AI/ML potentialities, solar power monitoring apps are the best useful for tracking and viewing the performance reports of every individual module in the grid. Hence, through solar panel tracking mobile application, users can access the module performance information gathered from IoT sensors and can easily identify operational defects seamlessly.

·       Weather Monitoring Functionality

Automatic weather monitoring is one of the most useful, and useful features that must add to solar energy monitoring applications. It will be useful to get notifications and alerts on weather conditions.

·       Interactive Dashboard

Solar panel monitoring apps needs to be designed and developed with an interactive dashboard feature for viewing weather, system performance, performance graphs, and other system reports and analytics.

·       Auto/Manual Connect Toggle

By adding an auto-connect or manual device connection feature to the solar panel monitoring app, users can flexibly connect their solar systems to their devices.

·       Location-Tracking Feature

Leveraging the GPS tracking technology, and integration of location-tracking features in solar energy monitoring applications or solar panel management apps will help users in tracking the location of modules and do changes if needed.

·       Push Notifications

The push notifications feature is one of the most essential features that increase the app’s credibility and user personalization. This feature notifies the users about panel power generation metrics or any other performance issues of the system.

·       Settings

This feature helps users to customize their device settings as per their needs. For instance, users can configure system units or change the language mode.


How Much Does It Cost To Build Solar Panel Monitoring App Development?

The cost of solar panel monitoring app development will be as low as $25,000 to $55,000 with mid-level complexity in features and design. However, if you are planning to create solar panel monitoring apps, you must focus on a few factors that impact your app development cost.

Here are factors that influence the solar panel monitoring app development cost:

·       App development platform

·       App design complexity

·       Features and functionalities

·       Technology stack

·       Mobile app developer’s team size

·       Location of Android/iOS mobile app development companies you hire


The final cost of a solar panel monitoring app will depend on all the above factors. The hourly price of top app developers will change from region to region. The hourly price of a mobile app developer in the USA will vary from the cost of a mobile application Development Company in India.

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