How Much Does It Cost To Develop ML-based Healthcare App?

Cost To Develop ML-based Healthcare App

How Much Does It Cost To Develop ML-based Healthcare App?

Machine Learning in Healthcare: The Future Of Healthcare Will Be Around ML 

ML In Healthcare: Application, Benefits, and App Development Cost

Machine Learning (ML) is one of the trending concepts in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Driven by its automation and predictive analytics, ML technology is being used for creating intelligent software solutions that offer more accurate analysis of data.

Banking and finance for Fraud detention, Marketing & sales business for predicting market scope and user interests, Healthcare organizations for improving patient care services, and Fintech organizations for estimating stock trends, ML is widely used across diversified industries.

Be it the purpose of forecasting the market dynamics, analyzing & optimizing equipment performance, determining customer behaviors, or making deep analyses of sales data, ML-powered and AI-based mobile apps have the highest scope in the years ahead. The industries will increasingly gain a lot of operational and financial benefits from using ML’s automation and predictive potentialities.

Among all other industries, the healthcare industry is one of the top sectors that is an early adopter of AI and ML-like advanced technological innovations. Whether you are a startup or a fully developed brand in the healthcare industry, ML app development ensures streamlined business operations. Let’s start our session with the top applications of ML in the healthcare sector.

Today, in this article, we would like to discuss the top use cases of ML in healthcare, the significant benefits of ML in the healthcare industry, and how much will it cost to develop ML-based healthcare apps.

Top Use Cases Of AI/ML In Healthcare Industry

The significance of machine learning in healthcare is extending with the continuous developments in the field of AI. Speed and accuracy as the core features, and ML technology is making a buzz in the digital world. Let’s take a look at the significant applications of ML in the Healthcare industry.

Here are the best answers for How AI is used in healthcare.

  1. Disease Prediction

Disease prediction is one of the top ML use cases in the healthcare industry. The use of AI and ML-based applications in the healthcare service sector is increasing for predicting life-threatening diseases and improving patient care services.

The predictive modeling feature of ML algorithms derives patterns into the patients’ health reports efficiently and predicts the disease seniority. It helps physicians make immediate and better decisions to improve the patients’ outcomes.

  1. Streamlines The Process

One of the major roles of ML technology in healthcare sector is process automation. Intelligent ML applications in healthcare sector, automatically processes data (patient data analysis), minimizes manual interaction, and maintain quality and accurate information. Hence, it will improve the operational efficiencies, optimize the resources productivity, and reduce the costs.

  1. Research and Drug Development

It is the best use case of ML in the healthcare sector. Incredible predictive capabilities of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are making drug discovery & development, candidate scope analysis, and patient data analysis for clinical trials faster and easier.

Further, ML technology is also being used for making faster decisions in drug design and development.

Moreover, besides research works, drug manufacturing companies are also increasingly investing in ML application development for forecasting the side effects of a drug candidate. It means ML apps in drug development are used for detecting the toxicity of a medicine before the clinical trial stage and improving its quality.

  1. Efficient EHR Management

The need for ML in healthcare, especially for streamlining the cloud management and accessibility of patients’ data is going to drive more opportunities for ML healthcare applications in the future.

Features-rich ML-based applications in healthcare will help healthcare service providers and physicians access the Electronic health records of patients anytime from anywhere.

While ensuring the privacy of the patient’s health records, ML applications allow physicians to access previous medical treatments and the current status of their health condition. It was proved that AI and ML applications can help doctors predict the diseases that going to affect them in the next coming 5-10 years.

Hence, ML software solutions in healthcare play a key role in saving a lot of manual time in recording patient’s manual data and improving health outcomes.

  1. Improve Diagnostic Accuracy

AI and ML-based medical image processing applications offer 99% accurate analysis on blood samples, DNA sequences, and radio images. Faster but accurate data analysis and patterns recognition will helps doctors to provide the best care and diagnosis services for reducing the health risks.

  1. Treatment Suggestions

The use of machine learning applications or tools in healthcare makes the diagnosis process efficient and helps doctors to find multiple treatment or medicine suggestions to improve the patients’ health conditions. Based on the previous medication history and health conditions, AI and ML applications offer personalized treatment ways that ensure potential health outcomes.

  1. Medical Device Performance Analysis

Intelligent ML applications make an impact in healthcare in many ways and medical device performance monitoring and analysis is one of them. AI/ML-enabled medical devices advance the accuracy of findings and improve therapeutic efficiency, thus patient care level will be boosted.

  1. Virtual Nursing Assistants

ML-based virtual nursing assistants help hospital staff monitor the conditions of multiple patients at once. It is not possible to manage or view the vital health signs of many patients at once manually, but AI and ML-based software solutions do it efficiently. Hence, it will assist the staff to send immediate alerts to the physicians and make them aware of patients’ health conditions and improve care level.

  1. Robotic Surgical Procedures

With unimaginable precision and adaptiveness, ML and AI-powered surgical robots have been making a buzz in the digital healthcare industry. Well-trained AI and ML-based surgical robots infused with the capabilities of professional surgeons are involved in minimally invasive surgeries. These AI and ML-based robot-assisted surgical robots will offer surgeons and ensure better visualization to perform surgeries with very small incisions.

These are a few significant applications of ML technology in the healthcare industry. Machine Learning like advanced analytical technology will benefit in terms of saving time, reducing operational costs, streamlining medical records management operations, and overall transforming the traditional healthcare operations from front-desk record keeping to complex surgeries.


How Much Does It Cost To Develop ML-based Healthcare App?

The cost of healthcare app development depends on various factors. There are so many types of healthcare apps available in the app stores. Virtual trackers, Diet planners, fitness & wellbeing apps, telemedicine apps, database management apps, medical networking apps, ePrescription apps, insurance claiming, and billing/invoice preparing apps, etc.

Based on the type the healthcare application, the features and design complexity will vary and this impacts the final cost of a healthcare mobile app.

Further, the application development platform, UX/UI design, technology stack used for mobile application development, and team size of the app developers will impact the final cost of the healthcare application. Moreover, the region and hourly rates of top app developers (Android app developers or iPhone app developers) will decide the actual cost of healthcare app development.

On a rough estimate, the cost of a healthcare application with a minimum level of design complexity and a set of the most required features will cost somewhere around $45,000 to $88,000. However, based on all the above factors, the cost of a healthcare application development might fall in the estimated range or exceed the limit as per your app specifications.

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    Final Words!

    The benefits of Artificial intelligence in healthcare or Machine Learning in the healthcare industry are numerous. AI and ML applications reshape the way healthcare service providers deliver services.

    As we discussed in this article, AI-powered administrative and ML-based patient care solutions will be the future of the healthcare industry. AI and ML applications automate the front-office tasks and helps doctors improve care level.

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