AI in Smartphones: How AI Is Augmenting Mobile App Technology?

Adoption Of AI Technology

USM has already published so many articles on Artificial Intelligence (AI).  AI is greatly impacted human interaction with machines from the recent past. Be it the travel industry, healthcare, or e-commerce AI technology is primarily stretching its arms in achieving enhanced customer experience.

Likewise, AI software and tools help business leaders make efficient business decisions quicker by processing enormous data in a matter of minutes. Herein, we would like to give a brief on:

  • AI in mobile app technology
  • How AI-powered apps impact smartphone usage?
  • Benefits of using artificial intelligence in androids and smartphones
  • Significance of mobile apps in our everyday life
  • Future scope of AI in the mobile app industry

AI in Mobile App Technology

Like other sectors, AI technology in developing mobile apps also increasingly expanding beyond expectations. Most enterprises are using AI in mobile applications for generating higher sales and revenues.

With the increasing use of smartphones, AI-based app development companies are eager to launch next-level AI mobile apps to empower their customers’ businesses. Mobile applications with built-in AI capabilities offers personalized results. So, mobile users can quickly explore unlimited products and services they look for.

Moreover, the iOS and Android platforms are merging could-based AI and inbuilt AI for accelerating the technology even more.

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Let us move on to how AI is witnessing rapid growth in mobile app technology industry.

Top five ways AI is enhancing mobile app technology

  1. AI Plus IoT Technology

The future of mobile technology will be smarter with AI technology.  Industries are heavily investing in the development of innovative mobile apps. The AI and IoT-based smartphone applications create a personalized user experience. Besides, such mobile applications can gather, store, and process vast user data in real-time. It means mobile users can use the complete benefits of AI technology.

Propel your business ROI with artificial intelligence technology

  1. Visual Search Engines

Artificial intelligence in mobile applications rushed a step even forward with visual search technology. Mostly, we can search for our desired product through text or even voice. But, the advancements in AI technology made it simpler.

Now you can find a product by just uploading its image. This feature is greatly useful when we don’t know the product name to buy. AI-powered Google Lens app is the best example of visual search technology. It helps you in searching for objects that you see. Compared to the text-based or voice-based search, visual search ensures accurate and faster results.

USM’s highly experience AI developers can design and develop a similar AI solution. Get in touch to know more about our AI services & solutions.

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  1. Enhanced App Authentication

Artificial Intelligence in mobile technology is useful for app authentication. As technology is growing, the possible threats will also increase. It means mobile app developers should provide advanced data security using intelligent technologies like AI.  AI in mobile technology easily detects vulnerable acts by continuously monitoring user behavior.

Thus, the artificial intelligence in smartphones or androids sends alerts to the users about possible threats. It is possible by integrating Machine Learning (ML) and predictive analytics into your mobile apps.

We delivered advanced ML and analytics solutions for various banking and finance companies to mitigate the risk of illegal acts.

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  1. AI Technology for real-time translation

AI technology in mobile phones helps in transforming the user speech to systems understandable text. Artificial intelligence apps in smartphones can recognize and translate languages in real-time without any internet connection. Thus, technology made everything possible and easy. AI-enabled translation tools in mobiles instantly translate words with no time.

  1. Facial recognition Security   

facial recognization

If you are a smartphone or android user, you must aware of the face unlock feature. It is all done using AI-based algorithms. AI technology identifies users’ faces and unlocks the mobile. Thus, locking and unlocking smartphones would be faster and secure with AI technology.

Whether you realize it or not, AI has been occupying a large part of your smartphone.  Would you like to know how? Go through the below session.

  • AI technology in the Camera

You know the advanced AI technology has already in the smartphone camera. Yes, it is. AI software identifies whether you capture a person’s face or any wide image. Thus, artificial intelligence in the smartphone camera app allows users to take snaps in a wider view.  Artificial intelligence also helps users to adjust filters to get the best snap with the desired shade.

Moreover, artificial intelligence on the smartphone allows users to take smart blur photos in the background while highlighting the front face. This kind of effect cannot be there in traditional camera apps. This smart photo feature is possible only by integrating AI technology into to camera app.

Overall, AI image-enhancing effects beautify photos with just simple taps on your mobile.

mobile voice assistants

  • AI for Mobile Voice Assistants

Artificial intelligence in a smartphone is used for providing basic virtual assistant functionalities. Siri is one of the best creation of AI. This AI-enabled speech recognition assistant provides extremely user-satisfied services. They understand your voice commands and process the same to deliver the best results that a customer looks for.

  • AI for hardware

For enhancing graphic applications, smartphone manufacturers are using AI in mobile technology.  Along with increasing performance, AI-powered chips process data and request faster in a secured way.

Now, we will discuss a few popular mobile applications that feature AI in smartphones.

  • Siri

Siri is one of the world’s famous AI assistant.  It allows you to manage hands-free calling, messaging on the go. With a simple command, Hey Siri, this virtual assistant to cope with your tasks.

As a leading AI mobile app development company, USM can develop an AI mobile app like Siri.

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  • Google Assistant

Now, you can control all household smart appliances with Google assistant. This AI-powered virtual assistant controls compatible home devices, mobile voice searching, real-time translation, and many more.

  • Cortana

It is another best AI virtual assistant app for a smartphone. Cortana app on your mobile set reminders, manage your tasks, open apps on your desktop, and much more.

These are the few of the voice-enabled virtual assistants that are empowered with artificial intelligence technology. These intelligent apps and assistants are propelling the growth of AI in the coming future.

Now, we will move on to the significance of mobile applications for businesses and individuals.

The Significance of mobile apps in our everyday life

Mobiles are no longer to be the general communication devices. With incredible features and advanced AI capabilities, mobiles are essential information gadgets for businesses and individuals too.

Nowadays, mobile apps for online shopping, e-learning, money transfers, and communication are increasingly getting popular. Thus, the best mobile app development companies are developing interacting mobile applications using AI and ML technologies.

  • Mobile apps for education

 In this covid-19 pandemic, AI-education apps help in many ways. Education apps build a communication platform between students and instructors. E-books and e-learning apps give more personalized access to students.

Mobile apps for education

Mobile applications for education offers-

  • Personalized learning experience
  • Adaptive learning with AI virtual assistants
  • Automating admin tasks
  • Smart e-book availability
  • Smart feedback and scoring system and so on
Read more about  what AI can do for the education industry?

USM has delivered a successful e-learning app for Byju’s. This AI solution helps byju’s in sending performance reports of students to their parents. If you are providing online education services, our next-gen AI solutions for education bring your business forefront in the industry.

  • Mobile apps for banking

Mobile apps for banking


AI mobile apps for banking ensures secure and hassle-free online banking services. Mobile banking applications help users pay bills and money transfers simple.

USM’s user-friendly mobile banking solutions let you make payments simple.  We also investment apps that deliver insights into customer’s investments.

  • Mobile apps for e-commerce

The increasing usage of smartphones coupled with online shopping demand is an advantage for both e-commerce service providers and app developers. E-commerce apps like Amazon, eBay, Grofers, Starbucks, and many more enhance user engagement and conversation rates too.

USM’s customer-centric mobile apps for the e-commerce industry are incredible. Our AI mobile apps for e-commerce helps online retailers stay competitive in the industry. We develop mobile apps for android, iOS, and Windows platforms. Our intelligent AI solutions for e-commerce promises-

  • Improved user experience
  • Higher customer retention rates
  • Brand awareness
  • Customer satisfaction &
  • Profitable lead conversion rates

Like this, mobile applications are everywhere. They play a crucial role in entertainment, communication, travel bookings, and many more. The AI mobile applications help customers search for a service, buy products, pay for products, and much more with just a finger touch.

So, we can say that AI mobile app development industry will have a flourishing future ahead.  Moreover, with the emergence of AI in mobile technology and ML technologies, enterprises are very curious to develop more user-friendly mobile apps.

Future scope of AI in mobile app industry

AI in mobile app industry

The ultimate goal of AI mobile apps is to provide an enhanced customer experience.  AI mobile applications offer user engagement and satisfaction.

One of the most significant benefits of AI in mobile app development services is it analyzes user behavior and fixes recommendations based on user actions. So, a business can easily send personalized text or offers for their products or services and generate positive sales all the time.

Since the app development companies are investing in AI, the mobile app industry to move around AI and ML technologies in the future.

USM develops user-oriented and most interactive mobile applications that drive increased sales to your business.

A growing number of AI mobile applications and virtual voice assistants are driving the market value of AI mobile technology. The figure below depicts the global AI technology revenue by the application.


In this way, AI is going to be widely deployed in the mobile app space.


Overall, we can conclude that AI on smartphone/android processes data faster, recognizes faces and scenes, provides security, assists personally, and many more. Artificial intelligence apps in mobiles bring a futuristic for smart customers.

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