How Much does Logistics App Development Cost?

How Much does Logistics App Development Cost

How Much does Logistics App Development Cost?

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Logistics and Supply Chain Management Application?

Warehouse management and streamlined logistics are core segments of product-based organizations. Starting from production and warehouse shipment to logistics and distribution, every phase needs to be monitored and better managed to ensure business effectiveness.

Unlike traditional manual tracking of logistics operations, organizations across manufacturing and retail are using advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) based contemporary logistics and supply chain management applications.

Using the capabilities of automation technologies like AI, businesses are streamlining the value chain of logistics and supply-chain operations. Organizations can automatically monitor warehouses, inventories, shipments, and deliveries at the lowest operational costs. On top of all, the next-generation AI-based logistics and supply-chain apps make the entire process transparent and smooth.

Today, through this article, we would like to discuss the benefits of logistics and supply chain management solutions and how much it cost to develop AI-based supply chain management apps for Android/iOS/Windows.       

Significant Benefits Of Logistics and Supply-Chain Management Apps

An intelligent, collaborative, and easy-to-use logistics app reshapes the company’s warehouse management and logistics operations. Here are a few top benefits of supply chain management software that you must know if you have plans to develop AI-based logistics and supply-chain applications.

  • Streamlined Process & Cost Saving

It is one of the top benefits of implementing the logistics management software solution for better-organizing inventory and managing warehouse & distribution operations. Such an automated process will reduce the overall expenses on resources and warehouse maintenance.

  • Order Processing & Delivery Status Tracking

It is another top benefit of implementing customized AI-based supply-chain management solutions. Innovative AI apps automate client-to-brand interactions and make order processing virtual.

The order management feature of the logistics apps will mainly involve automating the order fulfillment process. Starting from product loading and shipment to temporary storage in a warehouse, order packaging and deliveries to logistics, intelligent supply chain management apps will handle smartly with high accuracy.

Further, order management functionality also plays a key role in properly maintaining inventory databases and order information. This information would be further processed to predict sales opportunities and improve business efficiency.

  • AI Inventory Management

Here is another significant feature of an enterprise-centric supply-chain management Solution. Using machine learning and deep learning technologies, supply chain management apps with inventory tracking features allow organizations to better organize and manage their inventories as per the market demand. It helps the companies monitor stock levels and always stay on top of the demand.

  • Geolocation Tracking Of The Fleet or Vehicle Management

Internet-of-Things (IoT) plays a key role in tracking the fleets. Yes, AI, coupled with IoT technology will continuously monitor the live location of the fleet or goods carriers. Hence, by using intelligent supply-chain management solutions, companies can benefit from reliable logistics and deliveries on time.

Besides, by connecting multiple IoT sensors to the vehicle, organizations can monitor the fuel levels, and tire pressure, and get notifications on overall carrier performance reporting instantly. It will help companies to improve vehicle performance and ensure reliable deliveries to the distribution centers on scheduled time.

  • Scheduling Goods Delivery

Implementation of AI-based logistics and supply chain management solutions will help manufacturing and retail companies automatically process purchase orders from clients and schedule goods delivery rights from the app. It will help the logistics department to access the delivery information from anywhere at any time.

  • Orders History Management

By adopting supply chain and logistics management applications, organizations can completely reduce the burden of paperwork. Every order will be automatically stored in the application. Hence, using AI-based supply-chain management applications, businesses can maintain clean data records of order details and make accounting and auditing processes smooth.

  • Risk Analysis and Management

Risk analysis is one of the core and must-have functionality of a logistics application. The logistics software solutions can predict the risks by determining the data received from the IoT sensors located in the different parts of the fleet. For instance, suppliers will get instant notifications about freight accidents if any, and helps in taking immediate actions with no delay.

  • Centralize Customer Support Functions 

By integrating AI-based customer support chatbots or virtual assistants in supply-chain management apps, businesses can seamlessly interact with clients and resolve their issues in order taking, deliveries, or any other service-related concerns.



Intelligent supply chain and logistics management software streamlines the value chain of operations, including warehouse shipping, inventory management, order management, logistics management, and many more. Such an automated process improves business efficiency and optimizes the overall supply-chain operations.


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