How Much Does IT Cost To Develop A Medical Chatbot?

medical chatbot

How Much Does IT Cost To Develop A Medical Chatbot?

Medical Chatbot: Top Use Cases, Benefits, and Development Cost

Implementation of conversational AI in Medicine and Healthcare has been a trend in the healthcare industry to deliver outstanding care services ever like before. Yes, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a promising technology to transform the Patient Care Industry.

The healthcare and medical sector is accelerating digital services and optimizing patient care, especially in emergency conditions, healthcare companies are adopting conversational AI applications like chatbots to monitor and provide 24/7 care services to their patients.

Be it for in-patients or out-patients, AI-powered Healthcare Chatbots are increasingly using across healthcare companies for ensuring better experiences for patients. Today, herein, we have compiled a list of the top benefits of investing in AI chatbots for healthcare and medical services.

What Is A Medical Chatbot?

For delivering convenient and instant care and support services to patients, healthcare service providers are widely using AI-powered medical chatbots. Yes, a medical chatbot is an intelligent and collaborative AI solution developed for better managing routine healthcare functions and delivering virtual care services to patients.

Let’s see a few top applications of medical chatbots:

What Are The Top Use Cases Of Healthcare/Medical Chatbots?

The role of AI-based chatbot solutions for healthcare is prominent for automating various regular tasks like recording logs, reminding medications, generating invoices, and monitoring patients’ health, etc. Offering their patients 24/7 non-stop care services and responding to them instantly on their issues about care services.

  1. 24/7 Virtual Support

It is one of the key roles of AI-based medical and healthcare chatbots. 85% of healthcare service providers are investing in AI chatbots for keeping care services available for patients all the time.

Using Natural Language Processing (NLP) or text-to-speech techniques, interactive and conversational AI chatbots deliver outstanding digital services. Appointment scheduling apps are the best examples that we must discuss here.

Based on the user’s preferred time and specialty, AI chatbots will automatically recommend an available list of doctors and makes booking faster. Hence, such intelligent processes through AI chatbots will make the process virtual and improve the patient experience.

Likewise, top AI chatbot apps in healthcare will also help service providers virtually respond to patient’s issues if any. 

  1. Reduces Caseloads and Improves Productivity 

It is one of the significant healthcare chatbots use cases that we must discuss. By deploying an AI-enabled chatbot in place, healthcare service providers can virtually monitor a few cases anywhere at any time. It will save the physicians valuable time and improves their productivity in handling other emergency cases.

  1. Proper Medication Management

Reminders on medicine intakes and refills are the best Chatbot use cases in the healthcare industry. A conversation AI chatbot plays significant in monitoring and tracking the patient’s medication schedules. Hence, AI medical bots play a key role in sending notifications on medicines intake, dosage, and refills.

Further, a few chatbots are also designed for sending auto reminders on the time to get their kid’s vaccinations and stay on top of the health risks.

  1. Symptom Tracking Chatbots

Here are other advanced healthcare chatbots that are making disease detection functions seamlessly. The conversational bots are designed and developed to analyze the symptoms and recommend a proper diagnosis for patients on booking time slots for the required specialists.

These type of chatbots have shown their potential during the COVID season. AI apps with real-time tracking of self-reported symptoms features have assisted many people in predicting the probable infection and saved their lives from hazardous viral diseases.

  1. Automating Front-Desk or Back-Office Tasks

On the other hand, chatbot applications in healthcare are used for automating front-desk and back-office support functions. OP data management, payments management, and invoice management functions are automated by deploying AI-powered medical & healthcare chatbot applications. It will lower operational cost and improves business efficiency.

  1. Healthcare Insurance Management

AI and machine learning-based healthcare apps with in-built chatbots play a major role in online insurance claiming and processing functions. Supportive document scanning, verifications, credit edibility checking, processing coverage for a medical procedure, and insurance disbursement & record maintenance, everything can be handled robustly using AI insurance chatbots. Hence, insurance claiming bots will save the time of insurers and healthcare service services and make the process faster.

  1. For Responding To Client’s FAQs

NLP plays a key role here to better analyze the user’s voice or text-based questions. Conversational question-answer type chatbots are the next biggest assets for healthcare service providers.

These types of AI healthcare or medical bots are well-trained with a set of pre-defined questions and answers. So, when a user asks a question from the list, the chatbot gives an automated response in minutes.

  1. Patients’ Feedback Monitoring

Here is one of the best applications for using AI chatbots in the healthcare and medical industry. Patient experience and satisfaction is the growth indicator of a healthcare service company. It can be achieved by using AI-powered intelligent feedback analysis chatbots.

Leveraging emotional tracking tools, AI healthcare chatbots can easily detect the experiences of in-patients and out-patients and derive valuable insights. These insights would help service providers for improving service quality and enrich patients’ experiences.

  1. AI bots For Personal Assistance     

AI virtual assistants in healthcare will deliver post-operative care services. Integrating conversational AI chatbots into the intelligent telemedicine system will help to assess patient conditions and enhance the efficiency of outpatient care services. Such virtual nursing assistants will optimize the postoperative experiences and increase business scalability.

  1. Healthcare Chatbots For Maintaining Data Records

Finally, AI healthcare bots or medical chatbots are also best for better data management. AI-powered data management chatbots will automatically log the entire patient’s data like name, age, and details of physicians, treatment, payment, insurance, etc. Hence, the scope for errors in data is zero.

These are the top 10 applications of AI chatbots in the healthcare and medical industry. The AI-based chatbot applications will deliver incredible benefits to both healthcare service providers and patients.

Your.MD, Sensely, and Ada are a few most popular AI-based medical chatbots used to transform healthcare operational ways and improve the quality of personal healthcare services.

Looking to harness the power of conversational AI in your healthcare business?

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    Top Benefits Of Medical Chatbots In The Healthcare Industry

    Here are a few advantages of AI healthcare chatbots:

    • Healthcare service providers can streamline their regular and back-office support works
    • AI chatbot offers creates a communicative platform and ensures quick response to client queries
    • Conversation or nursing bots make post-operative care services efficient
    • Intelligent online conversations without human intervention save a lot of time and improve productivity
    • AI chatbots play a key role in better engaging patients and improving brand value
    • Physicians can provide instant medical assistance in emergencies through telemedicine services
    • Clinical chatbots can improve patient satisfaction and personalization
    • On deploying AI healthcare bots, business scalability will be improved.
    • Healthcare chatbots will make invoice management and payment processing faster and more efficient.
    • AI healthcare chatbots automate routine tasks and boost employee productivity 

    Chatbots In Healthcare: How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Medical Chatbot? 

    The cost of AI Chatbots development will depend on its type and functionalities. On average, an AI chatbot application development with basic features will range from $15,000 to $100,000+.

    However, the cost of conversational AI solutions is high when you use machine learning, predictive analytics, and NLP-like other revolutionary technologies to ensure robust performance. Using AI-like technologies, our expert developers build interactive mobility solutions for businesses across various industries.


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