Predictions On How AI Reach Peak Levels In 2021 & Beyond?


Yes, disruptive technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is going to highly adopt by the diverse industries globally in the 21st century. AI is gaining prominence in the recent past years and will continue to hold its significance in the long-term future.
In this evolving digital environment, every business arm has to adopt Artificial Intelligence applications and solutions for engaging customers with more confidence and optimizing lead conversation rates.

Market Analysis On AI Deployment

According to researchers, it was clear that approximately 62% of global organizations are using AI or ML to automate their business tasks.
On the other hand, over 47% of businesses are augmenting their existing business functions by deploying Artificial Intelligence solutions for witnessing enhanced productivity.

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    With the aforementioned analysis, you can imagine that to what extent AI is going to replace the conventional business processes in the future.

    Will, it occupies 50% of industries?

    No! Not 50%. It is expected that one in five workers will use AI on a regular basis in every industry by 2020. And, the scenario will go more deep beyond 2022.

    Surprised? But it’s true. Every business vertical would modernize its currently executing services using AI in the future. The businesses are creating their path for engaging customers and managing the work processes with deploying ground-breaking Artificial Intelligence Solutions. Healthcare, security, and retail, automobile, manufacturing, finance and banking, and aerospace & defense are going to completely shift to AI to achieve high returns and smooth business operations.

    No Matter, What Industry You Serve, “AI” Makes You Unique!

    Yes, whether you provide retail services, banking services, financial services, telecom services, and e-commerce services, AI is a game-changer now. Smart AI applications empower your businesses.
    Most companies have already infused AI into their enterprise information systems and earning huge returns. AI-based applications and tools can virtualize every organizational task performed by the human workforce.
    The significant of AI-powered solutions are:

    • Flexible and agile business
    • Reduces cost overheads
    • Improves productivity
    • Improves Sales & Marketing by infusing AI into processes
    • Efficient customer management using Chatbot’s
    • Grabs customer satisfaction
    • Drive performance

    Driven by setting forth benefits, the demand for AI-enabled applications from multiple businesses on global-wide is growing continuously.

    While Choosing AI Partner, Be Smart!

    Choose the best AI partner who can deliver the most innovative AI solutions and Artificial intelligence applications that meet all of your business requirements and automates every corner of your business more intelligently.
    USM’s Artificial Intelligence Solutions help you gain from AI capabilities and make your ideas to come online. Automatic speech recognition (ASR), natural language understanding (NLU), visual search and image recognition, text-to-speech (TTS), and machine learning (ML) technologies, and whatnot, we leverage the benefit of every intelligent technology to fuel our customer business with profits.


    Artificial Intelligence has burst out during 2018, exploding in 2019, and will blast in the future as well. AI is the next-level of several popular technologies which analyzes and solves hazardous organizational risks and offers them novel ways to remain competitive in the market.
    USM’s Artificial Intelligence Services and AI Solutions solve the challenges that the industries are facing today.

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