Why Is The Adoption Of AI Technology Growing Yearly?

Adoption Of AI Technology

Why Is The Adoption Of AI Technology Growing Yearly?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a booming technology that is intelligently renovating the operational flows of businesses across industries. This next-generation technology has occupied vast space in this digital era and assists organizations in automating every aspect of their operations.

Moreover, using the power of Machine Learning (ML) and Predictive Analytics like sub-technologies, AI solutions are delivering the most valuable insights that help companies create profitable business strategies faster and stay on top of the market trends.

In this article, we would like to give you a brief on how businesses in the USA are integrating AI in their systems and applications to create a value margin for their traditional operations.

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What Is AI and Why It is A Buzz?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a trending technology that is being used for automating human operations with 99.9% of accuracy and taking productivity to new heights.

This revolutionizing technology is playing a vital role in the design and development of the most advanced solutions that make our lives smarter.

Here are the top three features of AI technology that are attracting many organizations to invest and witness a transformation in their businesses.

  1. Outstanding Intelligence

AI is covered with the most brilliant technologies such as ML, Natural Language Processing, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Predictive Analytics, computer vision, etc. Using the robustness of all these technologies, the trending AI-powered software applications are offering the unbelievable potential to the companies in many ways.

Using AI mobile apps or AI-powered robotic systems, organizations can automate their operations, reduce operational costs and improve overall productivity. Accordingly, businesses can retrieve the market trends and forecast the demand trends and hence can create a competitive edge over competitors.

  1. Magnificent Flexibility

The flexibility of AI technology is another reason for its increasing adoption by organizations across industries. AI software can be easily integrated with software applications and hardware devices (robots).

Hence, AI technology supports seamless business process agility and also greatly influences robotic solutions to perform pre-programmed tasks like humans but with more quality and faster.

  1. Splendid Data Analysis Capabilities

AI technology can process large data sets within a fraction of second and can also make results-driven decisions for the sake of business growth.

Investments In AI Solutions Have Increased Exponentially

AI technology has flagged its significance in many industries. Driven by its technology efficiency, intelligence, and predicting capabilities, both private and public organizations across a range of industries are investing in AI for their desired business needs.

A few companies are investing in AI mobile apps to monitor customer behaviors and market trends and deliver instant virtual assistance to end-users. On the other hand, a few more companies in the manufacturing industry are heavily investing in AI software solutions to create highly interactive and communicative robots.

On top of all other applications, smart virtual assistants and industrial robots are expected to derive more business value the AI companies in the years ahead.

Like these, the mission of companies might vary, but the vision of every organization is common. Organizations are looking ahead to implement AI apps and solutions to face the digital competition and enhance business scalability.

Here is the figure that reflects the adoption rate of AI technology in the USA by 2023.

adoption rate of ai technology 2023

Top leading companies in the USA are increasingly adopting AI systems and applications for brand promotion and assessing market trends. Later, AI is being widely adopted by R&D companies for automating and fastening their research operations.

Education is another sector that is highly investing in AI and ML-powered educational apps for creating virtual learning environments.

ChatGPT is one of the AI-based applications which is familiar across the education and IT sectors. According to the market dynamics, ChatGPT AI chatbot would be anticipated to drastically occupy the media, advertising, digital marketing, and many more industries will adopt and reduce cost overheads.

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    Not only in the USA, but the demand for AI apps and solutions is growing worldwide. AI investments are increasing year over year. To become a leader in AI development and stand in the first line in the digital competition, many organizations are trying to implement AI applications and solutions. North America would be expected to acquire 47% of the total global AI market share with approximately US$72 billion value by the end of this year.

    Are you a retailer? AI apps help you in improving user experiences, optimize sales, and enhance productivity. If you are a banking and finance company, AI mobile applications will increase customer retention, personalize service offerings, monitor transfections & avoid fraudulent tasks, and reduces overall operational costs.

    Like these, the benefits delivered through the applications of AI in healthcare, manufacturing, education, marketing, logistics & transportation are incredible.

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