Top Trends In Online Marketplace App Development That You Must Know

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Top Trends In Online Marketplace App Development That You Must Know in 2024

The global e-commerce industry is witnessing tremendous profit with the increasing online purchasing habits of users. Alibaba Group, Amazon, and Flipkart are e-commerce brands by hosting thousands of vendors offering a range of products and services through their secured online platforms.

Driven by this convenience, 70 out of 100 people are using online marketplace apps for ordering their essentials right away from mobile devices instantly. Hence, online marketplace apps like Amazon or Alibaba would be a profitable and revenue-driven business strategy.

But, with the rise in e-commerce mobile app development for Android and iPhone, you must follow a few tips to make your mobile application stand out from the clone apps world. You must add trending features and make your e-commerce application unique.

marketplace app developmentHere are the top 5 trends that you must watch to develop a trending e-commerce application in 2023.

Trending Features & Functionalities That Must Add In Marketplace Apps

Make sure your next marketplace app has all the below-listed features and functionalities to hit the e-commerce mobile app development competition.

  1. Marketplace App Development With Text and Voice-based Search Feature

Text-based search functionality or custom filters for choosing desired product categories is an old concept. But, e-commerce app development with Artificial Intelligence based voice support would take your application to extremely new heights in this digital age.

Voice-based search functionality will save a lot of users’ time in searching for products and improve their app experiences. Hence, the integration of advanced voice search functionality in marketplace app development will increase customer retention and increase your app’s uniqueness.

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  1. Buy-Now-Pay-Later Models Are In Trend

Nowadays, 90% of e-commerce mobile apps are offering multiple payment options, such as cash-on-delivery, UPI/BHIM payments, PayPal & Venmo like digital wallets, and debit/credit card payments.

So, just think a step beyond and integrate the buy now and pay later feature in your e-commerce application. It will allow users to make a partial payment and pay the rest amount in fixed installments upon the brand to user agreements.

Users can stay away from the burden of making full payments. Hence, integrate secured and reliable buy-now-pay-later payment APIs like Amazon Pay Later, CashE, or LazyPay.

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  1. Buy Online & Pick In Stores 

It is another trending feature that adds value to your e-commerce mobile application. Generally, marketplace apps will offer door delivery services. It is the best business too to increase user convenience and deliver services to the doorsteps.

A unique feature like Buy online & pick in stores will grab the user’s attention. In addition to enjoying convenient online shopping experiences, this trending feature in marketplace apps allows users to visit their nearby favorite stores and self-pick the products. This innovative functionality will reduce the burden of delivery charges and at the same time enrich the app’s reliability.

  1. Integrate Virtual Reality Features In E-Commerce Apps

To hit the clone app world, make sure to add Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) features. It takes your interactive and advanced e-commerce apps to new heights.

Yes, the integration of VR technology has become a trendy concept in the e-commerce mobile app development industry. VR technology allows retail brands to provide outstanding virtual experiences such as virtual clothing trials or furniture placements at their homes.

IKEA like leading online shopping apps have already offered AR/VR-enabled features to assist customers in making furniture purchasing decision faster.

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  1. Interactive AI Bots In Ecommerce Apps

Modern AI conversational chatbots have become a part of eCommerce mobile apps. Marketplace applications with in-app AI chatbots using natural language processing capabilities will interpret user issues and respond to them instantly.

AI chatbot features will help companies to send virtual responses to customers’ on-time and improve their satisfaction level. 


Final Words

These are a few trends that you must consider while developing a user-engaging eCommerce app for Android or iPhone. Hire the best custom mobile app development company if you have plans of creating a features-rich and the most advanced marketplace app.

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