10 Best Call Recorder Apps for Android & iPhone


10 Best Call Recorder Apps for Android & iPhone

Call recording on mobile is not necessary to enable all the time, but it plays a vital part in listening back to important professional or personal calls. Along with mute, speaker, hold, and add call-like features, Smartphones offer a call record option. But, most iPhones and Androids don’t support automatic call records. It means that until and unless the user clicks on the recorder, the record feature won’t enable when they receive or call a contact.

Call recorder apps for Android or iOS will allow users to record incoming and outgoing calls automatically. These apps never put down an important call and let users listen to all records comfortably at any time on the go.

This article will guide you through the popular call recording apps for Android and iPhone in 2021. If you have plans to offer automatic call recording services to your mobile users, cloning the below listed famous call recording applications for Android and iOS might help generate higher app downloads and profits in a short time.

Top 10 Automatic Call Recording Apps for Android and iPhone  

Here is the list of the most popular call recording apps that run seamlessly on Android and iPhone operating systems.

#1. MSpy- The Best App to Record Phone Calls

MSpy is one of the best phone call recording applications available for Android and iOS. This app is top-rated as the best parental solution that allows parents to track and record all incoming and outgoing calls.

Along with a call recording facility, this mobile application acts as a spy and gives parents high access to their kids’ mobile devices. Parents can monitor social media chats, read SMS, track their call history, web search history, and of course, they can monitor every click and every tab. It can also be used as a location tracking app. It tracks GPS location in real-time and assists parents in knowing the exact location of their kids.


#2. Cube ACR- Best Call Recorder App For Android

We might forget to switch the recording of every call we receive. With a 4.1 out of 5 start rating and over 10,000,000 downloads, we have compiled Cube ACR into the list of the best phone call recording apps for Android devices. It is the best mobile application for Android to record calls automatically with a crystal clear sound quality.

This advanced call recorder app also records and stores VoIP conversations. Cloud backup, Save records to SD card, Shake-to-mark, call records in MP4 format, PIN lock for high security to records are a few of the most advanced ad user-friendly features of Cube-ACR-like trending call recording apps for Android.


#3. Rev Call Recorder- Trending Phone calls recorder for iPhone in the USA

Rev Call Recorder is another free-to-download popular automatic call recording app for iPhone/iOS. We listed it as the best call recorder for iPhone with its unlimited and high-quality call recording and sharing services for free of cost. It enables users to record any incoming and outgoing calls automatically. Users can also transcribe calls into text with 99% accuracy at the best price by a professional human transcriptionist.


#4. Smart Recorder- The best app for high-quality voice recording

With a 4.5 star rating and over 10 million installs, Smart Recorder is top-ranked as the best mobile application for recording high-quality phone calls. It is an easy-to-use audio recorder for Android and iPhone with an attractive user interface. The best feature of this amazing call recorder is its Skip Silence Mode. This feature allows users can pause the silence while recording calls and restart the recording once the conversation starts.

#5. Voice Recorder Pro- The best voice recorder with excellent sound quality

Voice Recorder Pro is the ultimate solution for auto-voice recording on your android and iPhone devices. The app with a simple and easy-to-use interface attracts millions of users to install and use. As of November 2021, the app has acquired a 4.7/5 star rating and reported over 50 million downloads from Google Play Store and iOS app store.

The best features of the Voice Recorder Pro mobile app include: call records in MP3, high-quality PCM, good quality AAC (m4a/mp4) and AMR (3gp) formats, stereo &mono recording support, share and manage recordings, customizable recordings, pause, and auto start recording on receiving other calls, and many more.


#6. TapeACall Pro- One of the Best Call Recording Apps for iPhone

If anyone asks me which call recorder is best for iPhone? TapeACall Pro is my answer. Yes, it is a popular and on-demand call recording software for iPhone Operating Systems or iOS devices. Users can record phone calls with crystal-clear audio quality. The app also helps users to view transcriptions with 100% accuracy.

The best thing about this app is that it supports TapeACall Pro is integrated with Google Drive, Dropbox, and other apps to provide hassle-free record-sharing experiences to the users. Moreover, the app under TapeACall also offers call recording services for Android users.


Would you like to create a TapeACall-like trendy iPhone call recorder app? Get in Touch!

    #7. Automatic call recorder- A leading phone call recorder app for iPhone and Android

    The automatic call recorder application offers the easiest way to record phone calls with no limit to timings. This famous phone call recorder lets users to tape, listen, and share records. Users can record domestic or international incoming/outgoing calls with or without a data connection.

    It is available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store to download and use for free with in-app purchases. It has a track record of 100,000,000+ app downloads.

    #8. RMC Call Recorder- Easy-to-use Android Call Recorder

    RMC (Record My Call) is the best and free automatic phone call recording app for Android mobile devices. This automatic voice call recorder application records incoming and outgoing calls with crystal-clear sound quality on the switching device’s microphone.

    Further, based on user preferences, the app allows to segregate call recordings into two important and unsorted folders. The app also gives the users the flexibility to make notes and rename specific recordings of their choice. ON top of all features, RMC-like on-demand call recorders for Android support the Trash folder to find recordings that were truncated accidentally.

    This best android application with reliable functionalities captured the hearts of millions of people and has over 10,000,000 installs yet.

    Would you like to create a clone of a popular phone call recording app like RMC Call Recorder? Get in Touch!!

      #9. Lovakara Call Recorder- A great app for recording phone calls

      Call Recorder app By Lovakara is the best solution for auto-recording, storing, and managing conversations. The app allows users to view all records in one place and sort them by name or date as per their convenience. This on-demand call recorder software application enables users to save their recording in mp3 file format on an SD card. This excellent android call recorder has 10,000,000+as of 6 July 2021.

      #10. Call Recorder iCall-Top Phone calls recording app for iOS device 

      iCall iOS call recorder app is developed by Appitate LLC. This call automatically records the end-to-end conversation of a phone call efficiently without any drops in between. This user-friendly app lets users access the saved recording from anywhere at any time.   



      These are the best call recording apps for Android and iOS in the market. Truecaller is also one of the best mobile applications for recording calls by toggling the Auto Record option in its settings.

      Be it for personal use or professional purpose, recording phone calls or VoIPs might be useful at some point. Automatic call recorder apps for businesses ensure users play back the recordings and store the most important calls.

      So, call recorder apps development for Android or iOS in this cyber world will be the right choice for companies to provide trustworthy services to the audience and generate revenues. But, specific jurisdictions in countries like the USA mandates legal confirmation from the users to record calls. So, call recording mobile apps development with push notifications regarding call recording will become a success and compliant with the security and privacy laws imposed by countries.

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