How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Meditation App Like Calm?

Cost To Develop A Meditation App Like Calm

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Meditation App Like Calm?

Why Is the Demand For Meditation Apps Growing High?

Health and happiness are interrelated or interconnected factors to lead a blissful life. But, a study among young, middle, and senior people states that higher stress levels will increase the mortality rates irrespective of how old they are. Stress levels lead to poor sleep quality and disturb the functions of the brain and heart, and result in heatstroke. It’s a sad thing.

People have to adopt the habit of self-monitoring the vital signs of their health, such as stress levels, heart rate, oxygen levels, blood pressure, glucose levels, and many more. Of course, it has been proven that people who self-monitor their health for regular intervals of time through smart wearables will improve their fitness levels and lead healthy lives for years.

Moreover, meditation is also a great drug for reducing stress levels and improving sleep quality. Overall, medication helps people get peace of mind and improve their health. So, if you are worried about something, then do meditation and destroy your anxiety in just minutes.

Hence, medication mobile apps are in trend in this busy and stressful living environment. Since people are increasingly downloading meditation and fitness-tracking apps to improve their health, the scope for meditation app development in the coming years is high.

A Few Significant Stats Of Meditation Apps

  • According to Statista, the market value of the global meditation apps is USD 6.1 billion in 2021.
  • The revenues from Digital fitness & meditation apps will be expected to reach USD 14.1 billion by 2027
  • The user switch to medication apps stood at 186 million in 2022 and will be projected to 275 million by 2027
  • USA and China are two top countries where the number of active users of medication apps is high.
  • With USD 815.80 million in revenues in 2022, the United States of America has been on top of the list of the top market for mobile meditation app development.
  • Meditation app Calm is stood as the global largest health and fitness app with USD 7.5 million in in-app revenues as of March 2022 

These are a few important stats that reflect the rapid growth of medication and fitness apps worldwide.

If you are looking ahead confidently to build a mediation application and grab market opportunities, we help in the development process. Calm-like meditation app development would be the right choice for the organization as it is leading the medication app industry and continuously increasing the user penetration rate every year.

Today, we would like to guide you through the benefits of medication app development like the Calm app. Later, you will also be assisted in knowing the features of meditation apps and the cost of meditation app development like Calm.

Let’s get started. 

About Calm App

Calm is the highest-grossing meditation app in the world, based in San Francisco, California. It has been downloaded nearly 120 million times from Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Further, the app has got over 1.5 million 5-star reviews from its users.

This top Meditation and Wellness App in the USA has acquired market attention with its cool, useful, and user-friendly features. The app is providing health-improving and stress-relieving meditation sessions to its users by world-leading experts.

Many of its users gave feedback that they are experiencing better relaxation, improving their focus levels, increasing sleep quality, and managing their stress levels by balancing their moods with a refreshed mind by using the Calm app.

Further, calming medication classes and soothing music to increase sleep quality and get relief from anxiety are all the best parts of Calm meditation application.

Cost To Develop an App Like Calm

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 Position Of Calm Among the Top Leading Mediation Apps Worldwide 

Being a global leader in terms of app revenues and application downloads, today, the Calm app is the first choice of mobile app developers or organizations to create a clone of it. Based on revenues, you can take a look at the below figure that reflects the ranking of Calm-like the most downloaded meditation app for Android in the world.

in app revenue of calm app

The cool and user-assisting features of the Calm application are the major reasons for its success in the online meditation apps industry.

So, if you are planning to build Calm-like the #best meditation and wellness app, take a look at its user-attention-grabbing features list. 

Features Of Calm-like Top Medication Apps In the USA

The features and functionalities are the major reasons behind the increasing downloads of the Calm app. Calm-like the most popular mindfulness mobile application is assisting millions of people to relax, meditate, and get relief from stress. Here are the features that you must add to better engage and retain calm-like trending mindfulness app users.

Features that must-add In a meditation app like calm for user panel development 

  • Simple registration, signup, and login
  • Account management
  • Login through social media accounts
  • Customized content search with filters
  • Easy-to-navigate sleep, meditation, and soothing music features
  • Video meditation sessions for improving body flexibility
  • Audio meditation programs by experts for mind relaxing
  • Sleep stories for improving users’ sleep quality
  • Soundscapes sessions to relax nerves
  • Stress managing and relaxing breathing exercises
  • Daily streaks & mindful minutes for tracking emotional and mental health conditions
  • Meditation & Mindfulness sessions by seasoned experts
  • Sleep quality and stress level reports and progress trackers
  • In-app purchases or subscription-based features
  • Push notifications
  • Feedback, rating, and review facility

Here are other few advanced features that make your Calm clone app more unique.

Advanced Features That You can Add To Calm Clone App Development

Now, we will walk through a few significant features that let your application grab the attention of users and improves the app rankings in the global meditation app market.

  • Personalized meditation recommendations: By analyzing the user preferences and search patterns, if your new meditation application for Android and iOS offers personalized meditation sessions, you can keep the app out-of-the traditional meditation apps.
  • IoT Functionality: By integrating IoT-enabled features and functionalities, you can allow app users to directly view their mediation progress reports and health data on their wearable devices. It is an added benefit that increases the number of app downloads and users.
  • Voice Recognition Functionality: Though the calm app has a massive content library, it is limited in terms of its advanced features list. If you add in-app voice-based search functionality or a voice-recognizing chatbot facility, you can improve the app’s richness.
  • Customer support AI Chatbot: This features let your brand deliver outstanding digital assistance to users. Such as automated responses through AI chatbot application will adds increases user experiences.

Features For Admin Panel Development 

  • Admin login
  • User management
  • Mediation experts profile management
  • Content management
  • Push notifications management
  • Social media accounts integration
  • In-app purchases management
  • Subscribed user management


What Is the Cost of Developing a Meditation App Like Calm?

How Much Does The Calm App Cost?

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Meditation App Like Calm

If you are in plan to invest in medication app development, you might be looking to know the cost of a meditation application like Calm.

Well. The cost of mobile app development (it might be a fitness app, healthcare app, social app, or entertainment app) is equal to the number of application development time multiplied by the hourly rate of the Mobile App Development Company you hired.

For instance, if the custom mobile application development company takes $50 per hour and promised its client to deliver the final meditation application in 500 hours, then the application development cost can be ranged from $25,000 to $35,000.

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    However, it is the estimated price of Calm-like meditation app development. The final cost of a mobile app like Calm will depends on various factors. Let’s take a look at the few cost impacting factors of meditation apps.

    Factors That Affect the Cost of Meditation Apps like Calm

    1. The Complexity of the app

    The complexity of a mobile application will depend on the number of features that you add and the layout or UI/UX design of the meditation app. If the features are more advanced and the design is too complex, the meditation mobile app developers need to invest a lot of time in building the entire app architecture. If the development time increases, automatically the app developers would increase the cost.

    Being one of the top mobile app development companies in the USA, our Calm app like medication app developers USA will suggest the best app development models that reduce costs without decreasing its quality in terms of user-friendly features and functionalities.

    Know how to reduce the cost of mobile application development!

    1. Mobile App Development Platform

    Here is another factor that impacts the overall cost of a meditation app, because, the cost of any mobile app will depend on the Mobile Operating System. It means that the cost of Android app development will differ from the cost of iOS app development.

    The application requirements, programming languages, and software development tool kits used for the Android operating system are different from the iPhone platform. Being one of the USA’s award-winning and top-rated mobile app development companies, we offer you the best price for native or cross-platform meditation app development.

    1. Hourly Rate and Location of the Meditation App Development Company

    As we discussed above, the hourly rate of mobile app developers will also impact the overall cost of mobile application development. Be it native, hybrid, or cross-platform, the location of app developers will decide the hourly price.

    For instance, top mobile app developers in India will charge below $100 per hour but the best mobile application development companies in USA will charge between $100 to $200. It depends on the technical capabilities and industry experience of the app development agencies.

    1. Mobile App Development Model

    The type of mobile app development model is also a key factor that decides the final cost of your application. Based on the app development model, the development time, cost, and development price will be measured.

    For instance, hiring a domestic mobile app development team will cost you high compared to app developers from international regions. Secondly, the cost of hiring freelancers or setting up an in-house development team is another way where the development time will be increased and simultaneously the cost too.

    Finally, if you allocate your app development project to a top custom meditation app development company USA like USM Business Systems, you can expect an affordable quote for user-friendly mobile application development.

    1. Tech Stack To Develop A Meditation App Like Calm

    The technology stack that your app development agency selects for building a mediation app like calm will also play a vital role in the final cost. The right set of mobile technologies, UI frameworks, third-party integrations, secure payment gateways, and storage databases are important for ensuring the app’s quality and success.

    Like these, the cost of developing a meditation app like Calm or Headspace will depend on various factors. Application post-launch maintenance and support services will also increase the cost of the meditation application development.

    We, #top app developers in the USA, build meditation applications using the right set of technologies and designing tools. Our team of custom #mediation app developers in USA will better analyze your requirements and develop a flawless application.

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    Why USM For Your Meditation App Development? 

    Because, we are a global leading custom mobile app development company with a team of seasoned app developers, UI/UX designers, code testers, and a quality assurance team. Based on your business and application requirements, we build features rich mobile apps within promised timelines.

    Our team of certified Android app developers and iPhone app developers with knowledge of advanced mobile technologies will design and builds advanced mobile apps that reflect your business taglines.

    Let us transform your meditation app idea into a fully functional application!

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