Why Pharma Businesses Need A Mobile Application?

Online pharmacy app development

Why Pharma Businesses Need A Mobile Application?

ePharmacy App Development: Benefits & Opportunities for Pharmacies

The global pharmaceutical industry is gradually switching to online. mHealth apps are a buzz in the global healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. ePharmacy apps and mHealth apps are gaining momentum in this digital era.

Healthcare and pharmaceutical companies are increasingly investing in mobile app development for digitizing operations and better serving their customers. According to the top market research analysts, the growth of the online pharmacy segment is expected to reach USD 52 billion by 2027 from approximately USD 27 billion in 2022.

It is forecasted that the results of mobile app development for pharma companies would be profitable and revenue-driven. The pharmaceutical industry and healthcare sector are optimizing care services and improving user/patient personalization.   

Let’s Connect Your Pharma Store To The World Through Mobile Apps

The revolutionary mobile development technologies are greatly impacting the mobile app development industry. They are facilitating mobile app developers to build top-notch applications that enable better interactions and accelerate digital transformation across processes.

The healthcare and pharmaceutical industry is also one of the top sectors that are witnessing incredible growth and business efficacy using mobile apps. Yes. Pharma apps and mHealth applications developed for Android or iOS are transforming the way patients or users interact with the services.

Here are a few top benefits of Pharma app development 

Benefits Of Pharma Mobile Apps for Pharmacies

  • Pharmaceutical app developers create applications that deliver prescription medicines directly to the customers’ doorstep.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered B2C pharma apps provide patient assistance.
  • Online medicine apps allow pharmacies to get orders 24*7 and deliver as per user needs.
  • AI-based Pharma apps track medicines and send reminders on refill.
  • Online medicine delivery apps or E-pharmacy mobile apps improve business scalability.
  • #Top pharmacy delivery apps In USA allow pharmacy stores to improve user experiences by offering convenient and safe online services
  • Sales record maintenance and tracking will become easy with apps.
  • Pharmacies can send refill reminders and create a healthy sales pipeline.
  • By integrating in-app AI chatbot assistance, Pharmacies can stay in touch with customers and deliver instant customer support services.
  • Medicine order management and delivery status can be tracked and efficiently organized using online medicine delivery applications.
  • Using machine learning and deep learning capability in pharma apps (Android/iOS), pharmacies can track the inventory levels and maintain proper levels according to the demand for medicines.
  • Pharmacies can categorize their product types and increase visibility to make the users’ search faster and enhance their experiences.
  • In-build dashboard feature in e-medicine apps, pharmacies can generate and view reports and analytics.
  • Brand awareness and recognition will be achieved, and more users will get to know your store name.
  • Overall, Pharmacy delivery apps offer competitive advantages to pharmacy companies in terms of more sales and customers.

Not only for pharmacies, but top Pharmacy apps will also enable a broad range of advantages to customers or app users. Here are a few top advantages of ePharmacy apps:

Significant Advantages Of Pharma Apps For App Users

  • Users can order medicines online and get them at doorsteps within one hour.
  • Users can upload doctor’s prescription and order medicines from the nearest store.
  • Customized search facility in Pharma apps makes users search faster and easier.
  • Pharma delivery apps save big amounts of users as pharmacies offer exclusive discounts on orders.
  • Users can order conveniently and track the medicine delivery status directly from their mobile device.
  • Medicine intake or instant refill reminders will help patients better organize their medications.
  • Users can schedule refill dates and order medicine on-time
  • Medicine delivery apps allow users to pay online in multiple payment modes, including debit or credit card payments. E-wallet payments, UPI/BHIM payments, or cash-on-delivery method.
  • Pharma apps ensure 24*7 customer support.

Hence, ePharmacy platforms will benefit both pharmacies and consumers in many ways. Custom mobile app development companies in the USA and India will build ePharma apps with eye-catchy User Interfaces (UIs), simple designs, and easy-to-access features.

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    The Best Examples Of Online Pharmacy Delivery Apps

    Before you start developing your pharmacy delivery application, let’s take a look at the below list of top pharmacy delivery apps.

    1. NetMeds

    Netmeds is one of the top online medicine delivery apps which is available for Android and iPhone users. It is an easy-to-use mobile app for conveniently ordering medicines from anywhere and at any time.

    Simple design, user-friendly ordering process, door delivery, order tracking facility, 24/7 support, instant call/chat with physicians (online doctor consultations), online lab tests booking facility, refill reminders, at-home diagnostics, and consultations, and order history are the best features of top online medicine delivery apps like NetMeds.

    • Google Rating: 4.3/5
    • Downloads: 10,000,000+
    1. 1MG App

    1MG is one of the top-rated medicine delivery apps in India. It is the best on-demand mobile app for ordering medicines, booking lab Tests & getting eConsultations direct from your smartphone. It is grabbing the attention of users with its cool features and functionalities.

    Users can order genuine medicines & healthcare products, book health check-ups & lab tests, consult the best doctors online, and better organize their orders in a single platform.

    • Google Rating: 4.4/5
    • Downloads: 10,000,000+

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    1. PharmaEasy

    PharmaEasy is the best Online Medicine Delivery App in India. The app is a trusted and most-downloaded healthcare app in India. It has been downloaded by over ten million times by users.

    Like other applications in this genre, this India’s top online pharmacy app allows users to order medicines online and deliver them within 24-48 hours. Users can also book appointments for blood tests, lab tests, and health checkups online and get services at home. Further, PharmaEasy facilitates users to buy OTC, medical, and healthcare equipment online directly from the app.

    • Google Rating: 4.3/5
    • Downloads: 10,000,000+

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    1. Practo

    Practo is a well-known mobile healthcare app for booking online doctor appointments.  It is being recognized as India’s no.1 online doctor consultation app that offers the most advanced telemedicine services. But, the best part of this application is that it also allows users to order and get prescribed medicines at their doorstep.

    Besides, people can book in-home lab test appointments and get health tips from healthcare and nutrition specialists.

    • Google Rating: 4.5/5
    • Downloads: 10,000,000+
    1. MediBuddy

    MediBuddy is another trending and popular healthcare app in India. It is a top on-demand medicine delivery application in the country. This platform is a host for online healthcare and medicine delivery services.

    MediBuddy allows users to book online pharmacy, Audio/Video doctor consultations, and lab tests. Online payment facility, order tracking, and in-app bot assistance are all a few top features of the MediBuddy eHealth app.

    • Google Rating: 4.4/5
    • Downloads: 5,000,000+

    These are a few top online pharmacy delivery apps that are gaining momentum in India-like markets. If you want to develop a new online drug delivery app or modernize your existing pharma app with AI-powered features, USM is your right business partner.

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      How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Medicine Delivery App?

      The cost of an online medicine delivery app with basic features for customers, pharmacists, delivery agents, and admin panel will be around $20,000 to $75,000.

      But, the cost to develop an online medicine delivery app like NetMeds or Practo will depend on the team size and location of the custom mobile app development company you hire. On the other hand, factors such as app platform, technologies, and features will also impact the actual cost of online medicine delivery apps.

      Wrapping Up

      Online pharmacy app development in this digital space is a profitable idea to take your pharmacy business to the next level. The design and development of ePharmacy applications for Android and iPhone devices will boost your pharmacy operations and increase your brand availability.

      If you are thinking to hire the best custom mobile app development agency, then USM is here. USM- a leading on-demand mobile app development company will offer end-to-end ePharmacy application development services.

      Get in Touch with USM and let’s discuss your online medicine delivery app development project!

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