How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Walgreens-like E-Pharmacy Delivery App?

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Walgreens-like E-Pharmacy Delivery app

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Walgreens-like E-Pharmacy Delivery App?

The healthcare industry is one of the prominent sectors that have to adopt revolutionizing or modern mobile technologies to deliver instant services and improve patient outcomes.

Due to unhealthy food habits or long-term diseases, or stress in work environments, people are suffering from various health disorders and leaving their breath from sudden strokes. On the other side, the busy routine of people is another reason for vitamin deficiency in most of the population.

In considering all these factors, the pharma and healthcare industries have switched to mobile app development to provide life-saving services and deliver medicines in an emergency at their doorsteps.

E-pharmacy delivery methods are the highest sources for pharma companies across the world. According to Statista, the revenue from the Online Pharmacy segment will be anticipated to reach USD 34.71 billion from nearly USD 19.9 billion in 2021.

Here is a pictorial representation of the forecast of e-pharma growth from 2017 to 2026:


This figure shows the growth of the e-pharma business in the upcoming years. The online pharmacy delivery apps development in 2022 will generate profitable business for pharmaceutical companies. Pharma mobile app development will ensure unbeatable online business for you.

Today, in this article, we would like to give a guide on Walgreens-like popular USA-based pharma app development. We will also give you the information on how much it costs for E-pharmacy application development like Walgreens in 2022.

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All About Walgreens Mobile App

Walgreens Company is one of the leading retail pharmacy supply chains in America. Through Walgreens Boots Alliance, the group supplies life-saving drugs for pharmacies and individuals in 13,000 locations across the USA, Latin America, and Europe.

The company, with its vast contributions in delivering healthcare products and serving millions of customers is playing a critical role in USA’s healthcare ecosystem.

Though it is a leading supplier for retailers and intends to assist patients in emergency care services, the company is also entered into mobile app services to extend brand and reach more audience base. Its switch into pharmacy app development is a revolution in the healthcare industry.

Cost To Develop A Walgreens


Now, Walgreens Pharmacy App is the largest online pharma delivery partner for many retailers and individuals. From beauty care, baby care, vitamins & supplements, diet & fitness care products, and nutrition products to personal care and specialty medicines, everything can be ordered online by the brand through this innovative e-pharma platform.

Further, to contribute its part in saving lives from COVID, this app is also integrated with a few advanced features that allow users to book slots for COVID vaccination or testing conveniently.

Overall, the Walgreens pharmacy app is a perfect blend of innovation and creativity. This user-friendly healthcare application ensures convenience and personalized user experiences while ordering their desired medicines. It will deliver your orders within 2 hours at doorsteps.

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To give success to your online pharmacy delivery mobile application, here are the features that you must add to your novel application.


    Features and functionalities of Walgreens-like best e-pharmacy delivery app USA

    To gain popularity or to reach the million downloads benchmark, the features and functionalities of mobile apps will play a big role. Along with performance, user-friendly and convenient features of mobile apps will better engage your audience, increase brand popularity, and let companies generate profits.

    • Quick Login

    The basic feature of mobile apps is that giving easy access to application features. But, how simple the #mobile app development companies USA that you hired designed login page matters a lot.

    Walgreens-like the best e-pharma delivery app USA is attracting a more user base with its simple login form. It allows its users to access the application functionalities using their social media IDs. It is one of the best strategies of Walgreen app to make sure convenient app access to their users.

    • User Account Management

    The best Online Pharmacy Ordering and Delivery Apps for Android and iOS, like the Walgreens app, have featured customer profile modules to improve user experiences.

    This feature with a dropdown list of account edits, product purchase history, refill ordered prescriptions, shopping list, and many other subcategories enriches the user experiences.

    Therefore, designing and developing a feature like a customer profile in e-pharmacy apps allows your users to access all their information in one place and let them re-order products with simple clicks.

    • Customized Menu Bar & Quick Search Bar

    Here are other significant additions to your pharma mobile apps. Walgreens-like famous drug ordering apps in the USA, are allowing their users to order from a list of categories and shop products by brand. It will enhance the user’s convenience and extend the brand’s reliability.

    A customized menu bar with a range of user-specific filters or product/service categories will quickly redirect your audience and offers the content that they look for. It will save their time and make their purchases convenient and hassle-free.


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    • In-app E-wallet Addition

    Popular E-commerce apps for Healthcare and Pharma USA or the best marketplace apps like Walgreens are featured with Pay with the Wallet option.

    In-app e-wallet integration offers the next level of convenience and encourages contactless payments. Users can pay for their in-store purchases through apps by scanning the bar code on bills.

    On the other side, medicine delivery apps with multi-mode online payment functionality will have higher chances of getting featured on Google Play and Apple App stores. Let your app users pay for their goods in their convenient mode of transactions. So, make sure of adding e-wallet or multi-payment flexibility to your e-pharmacy mobile app for Android/iPhone.

    • Order Tracking Feature

    This feature will assist E-pharmacy app users in tracking their medicines once they place orders on your platform. In-app map integrations and AI location-tracking features in real-time will help your users to track their orders and know the estimated time of product arrivals. Therefore, integration of the most-advanced location-tracking feature is a big addition to get app success.

    • Refill Prescriptions

    Walgreens-like mobile allows users the flexibility to scan barcodes on refills and order their medications. This feasibility will erase the burden of typing the names of medicines or searching for exact Rx.

    Further, the Walgreens-like trending online drug delivery app has embedded with the “Buy It Again” feature. This feature will help users to repeat the order with simple clicks. Users can view the order history and place orders with a single tap on their mobile screen.

    So, make sure to add these time-saving and user-friendly features while developing an e-pharmacy app on Android or iOS platforms.

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    • Auto-Reorder manager

    Here is the best answer to how to build unique and state-of-the-art medicine delivery mobile apps? Question.

    The auto-Reorder feature is the best solution to make mobile apps unique. Walgreens-like top e-pharmacy mobile apps in the United States are developed with intelligent and innovative Auto-Reorder features. Based on previous order history, the app reorders the previous orders automatically. Thanks to such advancements in mobile app development technologies.

    • Push Notifications

    E-Pharmacy mobile app development without push notifications features will drains your efforts. Sending push notification or email alerts regarding pill reminders, refill dates, payment details, delivery details, and current offers and discounts on orders will all improve the reliability of your application and increases user personalization.

    It is the best app development strategy to make your unique and make it stand out from the crowd.

    • Store locator For Quick Order Pickups

    Walgreens app is the second-largest online e-pharmacy store in the USA. In-app map integrations will help users in finding the nearby pharmacy stores and opt for self-pickup their orders. So, users can order and pick up their orders within 30 minutes and get medicines at the right time in emergency.

    • In-app AI Chabot

    Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based chatbot integration is the best way to keep your brand available when your audience needs it. Leveraging the capabilities of machine learning and deep learning capabilities, the AI chatbot will understand user queries and gives them responses accurately.

    Hence, AI chatbots in pharmacy apps will help your audience get instant responses for their issues 24*7.

    • In-app audio or video calling facility

    It is one of the most advanced features to add during Walgreens-like the best online pharmacy app development. Instead of investing in single-purpose mobile apps, invest in an app that offers multiple services.

    I hope you have got my intent. Pharmacy apps development with advanced features like in-app audio calling, in-app video calling, in-app doctor consultation, and e-prescription availability will take your app to new heights.

    Likewise, easy refund and return features, money-saving deals and discounts, and 24/7 healthcare tips to customers all take your pharmacy mobile app to new heights.

    Here are a few other features that you must consider while digital pharmacy application development for creating an interactive admin panel.

    Take a look at the most significant features for developing Admin Panel:

    • Dashboards with easy-to-understand dashboards
    • Customer Order management
    • Deals and discounts management
    • User account management
    • In-app brand promotional management
    • Managing monetization strategies
    • Inventory monitoring facility
    • Supply-chain management option
    • Analytics and sales reports
    • Reviews and rating management
    • Product catalog management
    • Products categories management
    • Monitoring out-of-the stock products
    • Uploading new drugs and other products which are on-demand
    • Customer feedback management

    These are all must-have features to design and develop an admin panel for your e-pharmacy application.

    USM Business Systems is one of the best mobile app development companies in the USA. With a group of dedicated and professional full-stack mobile app development teams, we promise our clients to deliver state-of-the-art Android and iOS apps for various business niches.

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      Which Technology Stack Is Best For E-Pharmacy App Development?

      Just like features, mobile application popularity and performance will depend on the programming languages, tools, UI frameworks, and in-app integrations that you select.

      Do you agree with this?

      Yes. Choosing the right set of technologies and tools will make your app development process smooth and efficient. Further, selecting the right technology stack for app development will help you improve the app’s performance, speed, and responsiveness.

      So, if you are looking ahead to online drug delivery app development, first of all, make a perfect app vision and aim to reach it by choosing the best android app development tech stack for the development of a Walgreens-like application.

      Here is the most-suitable tech stack for Walgreens-like e-pharmacy application:

      • Front-end application development: Swift and Objective C for iOS apps development and Java and Kotlin for Android apps development.
      • Backed development languages for the best native apps development: PHP, Python, and Node.Js
      • Integrations for Location-tracking: Google Maps kit ( for Android application development) and MapKit for iOS app development
      • For Social Media Access: Integrate Facebook, Twitter, and Google APIs
      • For in-app payment: E-wallets, Braintree, and PayPal like APIs
      • For Data Storage and Processing: AWS

      Hire USM Business Systems, the best mobile app developer in the USA. Our expert app development consultants, application developers, and UI/UX designers will all together create a roadmap for robust pharmacy app development.

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        How Much Does It Cost For Online Pharmacy Delivery App in 2022?

        The complexity involved in the mobile app development process will impact the cost to develop a Walgreens-like pharmacy application. Accordingly, the mobile application development cost will also vary from application to application, based on its platform, features, and type.

        The cost of Android app development would be different from the cost of building an e-pharmacy app for iOS devices. It means that the development platform of the application will impact the cost of the application.

        Similarly, the cost of native mobile app development will vary compared to the cost of hybrid or cross-platform app development.

        Besides, the development costs of mobile applications will also greatly vary based on the hourly rates of mobile app development companies in India, the USA, and the UK. Hence, depending on the geography, the price for mobile app development will change.

        Being the best software development company USA, we assume that the cost of a Walgreens-like medicine delivery app will range from $45,000-$150,000+.



        Online Pharmacy delivery or drug delivery apps development has a bright future in the future. Downloads and usage statistics of e-pharmacy apps are attracting the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. Walgreens app has achieved the 10 million downloads benchmark with its outstanding performance, responsiveness, and user-specific features.

        Hire USM and grab the opportunities for e-pharmacy apps development!

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