How Much Does IT Cost To Develop An Event Management App?

Cost To Develop An Event Management App

How Much Does IT Cost To Develop An Event Management App?

Most of us are very energetic and eager to conduct or participate in blissful events. But, in this COVID-19 crisis, the event management companies are experiencing huge losses due to fewer audiences.

Yes, the fear of coronavirus infection, especially quickly spreading the COVID-19 third variant Omicron, has affected the sales of event management companies. Due to COVID regulations, the companies have to limit the number of participants at the event spaces.

But, event management apps for Android or iOS are helping companies in reaching out to more audiences digitally and sell tickets happily. The mobile app development for Android/iPhone for managing events is the right and profitable decision in this pandemic.

Are you still in a dilemma? Here are a few stats that let you know the significance of event apps in the years ahead.

Key Statistics That Tell You The Significance Of Event App In This COVID State

  • In 2020, 96% of event planners have gathered their audience online
  • 60% of Android and iPhone users have using mobile apps for social gatherings and attending events
  • 90% of event planners are witnessing rapid ROIs on using event planning and organizing software applications.
  • Mobile event apps assist event planning agents in impressing attendees and in creating brand value
  • Unlike before, 74% of tickets for events are marketing online since 2019.
  • The outbreak of COVID-19 have forced companies to stay away from conducting in-person events
  • 95% of marketers or event managers have rushed towards app development for marking entry tickets online
  • 80% of businesses have realized that in-person event management operations will ensure huge financial losses
  • In 2019 and 2020, 90% of technology professionals have organized professional meetings online using the best video-enabled event apps for Android/iOS/web and promoted their agenda safely through the app
  • According to a survey by market analysts, approximately $5 million has spent on tech events in 2020.

All these stats are depicting the importance of event apps for smartphones in 2022 and the years ahead. Undoubtedly, event planning mobile applications will reshape the future of event management functions. Unlike in-person events, mobile event apps will help companies achieve their business goals with ease in this pandemic situation.

If you are an event management company and have plans of investing in mobile apps development to generate more revenues, event mobile apps development is a worthy solution.

But, do you have any idea about the developing cost of an event app?

Before kick-starting the development process, companies must know what features to be added to the mobile application, which technology would be best for mobile app development, and add a rough idea on the development budget.

This article will give detailed information on features of event management apps, the benefits of event apps development, and the cost to create the best event apps for Android/iOS in 2022.

Let’s get started!

Types of Mobile Event Apps (Android/iOS/Web)

The role of event applications is versatile. They can be used for conducting office meetings, a few mobile apps play a vital role in connecting people on festival days, and a few others are for making family events more blissful.

So, if you have plans of creating event apps for Android or iOS, or web platforms, make sure to categorize your major domain from the below-given list.

#1. Personal event apps development

These are also called local events organizing applications. These types of event apps allow event organizers to perfectly plan, implement, promote, and deliver engaging virtual, in-person event experiences to all attendees.

#2. Event apps development for professional business meetings

Mobile event applications development for organizing conferences and business meetings are also on the rise. This type of mobile apps allows organizers to provide hybrid virtual experiences to all participants and contributes to delivering out-of-the-box business outcomes.

The global leading brands from technology giants to financial organizations are reaping the benefits of B2B or B2C marketing events management apps.

Bizzabo is one of the best examples of marketing event apps. It ensures high-level virtual event experiences. This app allows event organizers better engage and interact with attendees with virtual polls, in-app chat, and social media sharing features.

Would you like to build a conference app that lets companies schedule events directly from the smartphone?

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    #3. Mobile Event organizing apps for festival celebrations

    Event apps for celebrating festivals are the most impressive app category. These apps notify users about the special events organized at their local spaces. So, users never miss out on any occasion.

    Sched app is one of the best examples of festival event apps. This application is suitable for professional conferences and for organizing a festival or themed occasions. People can register, book their space, and collaborate with others virtually.

    So, before going to hire the best mobile app development company (USA), identify your niche and choose the best category for profitable business outcomes. 


    Must-have Features Of Mobile Event Management Apps

    Features and functionalities that you offer to your audience in apps play a key role in attracting them and building brand value. The app should be integrated with user-centric features and high-level functionalities. This mobile app development strategy would help your app to get featured on app stores with ease.

    Here are the most significant features of event apps that mobile app development companies should not ignore while developing applications.

    Best Basic features of Event Organizing App Development:

    • Event apps with Location Tracking Feature

    Mobile event apps development without GPS navigators is a total waste of time and budget. Development of in-person event scheduling apps needs to be developed with GPS or location-based features. GPS connectivity lets attendees track and reach out to the location of the event without any hassle.

    Integration of this feature into event apps might consume more development time of the top iPhone or Android app developers, but it will amplify the app performance, quality, and functionality.

    • Event List

    The event list feature allows event organizers to upload the list of all upcoming events with dates and images. This functionality will help users to get the information of forthcoming events and let them stay up-to-date.

    • Event Categories

    This feature allows people to select and book slots in a specific category of events. SO, this user-friendly event app feature lets a user book ticket according to their interests and preferences.

    • Book an Event

    Call to action buttons are revenues sources for any mobile application. If you develop an app without an action button, it’s useless. The event booking feature enables users to book a ticket for in-person or virtual events.

    • In-app payments

    Mobile app developers should develop an app that supports multiple payment methods. Convenient and hassle-free in-app payment modes allow users to pay for events they booked securely from their cards or UPI accounts. 

    • Social Sharing

    Let users link their event app profiles to their social media accounts. This worthy feature allows users to share their feelings or happiness or thoughts that they enjoyed at the events. Hence, Social media integration allows organizers to engage more audience and maximize user experiences.

    • Favorite list

    It is one of the best user-friendly features that need to integrate into your mobile application. It allows people to add or save the list of the best events they attended. This feature will also notify the users about such an event if it is again going to conduct in the future.

    • Photo or Video

    It is an advanced feature that must be added to event organizing apps. Event planners can add photos and videos of upcoming events to attract users to the event.

    • Event Preview

    Here is the best and most important feature of event apps. It is the best way to give brief information on upcoming events. This strategy will promote events and grab the attention of users.

    • Calendar view

    The in-app calendar feature will allow event app users to block their dates if they find interesting events.

    • News Updates

    It will help event organizers to publish recent updates on upcoming events. So, registrants can easily track the latest news with this module.

    These are a few must-have features of event management apps.

    Advanced features of Event Organizing Mobile Application Development 

    • Chatbot Assistance

    Nowadays, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and co-technologies are occupying more share in this mobile app development space. 90% of mobile apps are developed with AI and Machine Learning Analytical capabilities.

    You can also take your event app to the next level by integrating the AI-powered Chatbot feature. AI virtual chatbot in event apps responds accurately to the user queries 24*7 and improves app personalization.

    AI chatbots also assist people in finding the best event and booking tickets. ML algorithms would derive patterns from user search data and suggest events that meet their interests.

    Talk to AI app developers and get the best Ai solution for your business!

    • Live Audio/video streaming features

    It is one of the advanced features of event apps. Adding this feature into your app, you can allow your users to broadcast live video with high resolution and watch from anywhere without any network interruptions.

    • Exclusive Offers

    Event planners can attract more attendees by offering more discounts or cash benefits on booking tickets for events.

    • Real-time record Facility

    With this app module development, you can allow your attendees to record live video and watch it later.   

    • QR Code Scanner

    This feature help organizer and attendees in quick verification for in-person events. By scanning QR codes, event management companies can easily authenticate virtual tickets.

    • Creative User Interface

    Mobile apps with a simple layout will ensure the best visual experiences and increase the audience base in a short time. So, never go with app designs that are too complicated to use or understand. Complex mobile apps eat up the time of users and are prone to uninstallation rates.

    • Third-party plugins

    Integration of third-party plugins such as search bars, Google digital payments, Google Slides, Webview, and YouTube for watching video content will enhance the app functionality.

    These are the features to be added to an event app. Top #Mobile App Development Companies like USM will focus on delivering simple mobile apps that enrich user experiences.

    How Much Does It Cost To Develop An Event App?

    The cost of event booking app development would be around $15,000 to $45,000. But, depending on the features, functionalities, platform, tools, and technologies, the mobile event apps development companies will set a final cost of the application.

    The cost of the mobile app developer is again varied based on the location and experience of the app development company.

    For instance, if you hire a mobile app development company in USA, they will charge $100 to $150 per hour. The best native mobile apps development companies in India will charge around $15 to $50 per hour. Further, the hourly price of top mobile application development companies in the UK is around $120+ per hour.

    Besides app development team location, the industry expertise of Android or #iOS app developers will also bring a significant difference in the quality and final price of the app.

    Consult the USM app development team and Get a free app quote right away!


      How To Make Money From Event Apps?

      Once the development of your event app is done, the immediate steps you have to look over is how to generate money from event booking and management apps.

      Here are three significant ways or methods for creating additional profits from mobile event applications.

      Three best app monetization strategies:

      • In-app paid advertisements
      • Charging commissions on every booking from the event managers
      • Revenues through in-house team for organizing the events

      Like these, event management companies or mobile app owners can make money in many ways. So, investments in event ticket booking apps for special events ensure rapid returns.

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