How Much Does It Cost For Car Parking App Development?

Cost For Car Parking App Development

How Much Does It Cost For Car Parking App Development?

The need for a mobile app in this digital age is everywhere. Every organization across all business sizes is rushing forward to deliver more personalized services through mobile applications.

Global businesses are turning to mobile application development and reaping their benefits to the fullest. Mobile app development companies are helping them in all facets and creating Android and iPhone apps for all kinds of business needs.    

Like other aspects, mobile apps for finding free spaces to park a car in this dense world are more important and gaining momentum nowadays. Car parking app development will be the right decision for businesses now.

Car parking apps for Android and iOS will help users find the nearest parking area to park their vehicle. The apps are intelligent in navigating the users towards free parking space. Such navigations will save time and remove all burdens in finding the sparking areas.

Here is a piece of useful information for enterprises who are looking ahead to car parking apps development. We have covered content related to what basics mobile app developers should follow while developing a car parking app and what features should be added in car parking apps.

What Is A Car Parking App?

Car parking apps for iPhone or Android mobile ensure a hassle-free way to find and book nearby available spaces to park vehicles.

Car parking applications will also provide GPS functionalities for navigating the users quickly towards the parking slots.

Further, the apps with flexible online payment facilities will also let users pay for services online faster and easier. Overall, car parking apps save the users time to find free spaces and make their journey smooth and blissful.

If you have plans to invest in car parking apps development, you must add the below unique and user-friendly features in your proposed application.


Must-Have Features Of Car Parking Apps

The popular car parking apps have loaded with the below features and captured the user’s trust in terms of functionalities and performance. Here are the most unique and must-have features of car parking mobile applications.

Significant features to develop a user panel of car parking apps.

  • Quick registration form to onboard the app
  • Hassel-free login process
  • Social media integration
  • User Profile management interface: It allows users to edit or view data related to their personal information, parking slots reservation data, and payment details, etc.
  • GPS locator with in-app maps to pin the exact location of the vehicle and find & guide towards the parking areas within proximity
  • Search interface to select the perfect parking space from the list of offered
  • An eye-catchy interface is used for booking parking spots with specific arrival and departure timings. This feature maintains records and ensures a smooth billing process.
  • Pre-schedule booking feature: It will allow users to pre-schedule parking times and ensure 100% occupancy status on arrival at the parking spots.
  • Early Departure: This user-friendly feature enriches the application quality. It allows users to edit and give early departure timings if any. This data would help service providers to allocate the vacant parking spots to vehicles on waiting faster.
  • History: integration of this feature will allow users to view parking history and payments related information.
  • Reviews and Ratings: This feature help users read the feedback given by other users on parking spots. So, it helps users to make quick decisions on parking spots that they are supposed to book. 

Features of vehicle parking apps for parking space owners

Along with the user panel and admin panel, every interface needs to be crystal clear for managing the parking operations effortlessly.

Here are a few must-have features that you have to consider while vehicle parking apps development for Android or iOS devices.

  • Adding new parking slots
  • Quick contact to customers
  • Liquid Payments managements
  • Feedback management 

Admin panel features

Here are the must-have features of a car parking app for smoothly managing and monitoring app performance.  

  • User profile management interface
  • Management of available or free parking slots
  • Updating parking spots occupancy status
  • Management of booking data of parking areas
  • Dashboard and analytics interface to track the financial performance of the application
  • Adding new parking locations
  • Discounts and offers management 

These are must and should have features that Android or #iOS mobile app developers to add to the car parking app. Along with these features, if you offer new features like an in-app chat facility, AI chatbot feature, and instant calling services, your app will be featured faster on app stores.

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    How Does A Car Parking Mobile App Works?

    Here are five fundamental elements that a AI mobile app development company should remember to ensure the smooth functionalities of a car parking app.

    1. Hassle-free searching

    Android app developers or iPhone mobile app development companies don’t forget to make this feature customer-centric. It is where a user searches for free slots by enabling their GPS location or pinning manual entry of their exact locations on an in-app map. This feature is a must and needs to be added to car parking apps for ensuring enhanced customer experiences.

    1. Filters for comparing proximity

    A customized car parking app needs to offer a range of filters to users. Destination proximity and price of space are the two most important filters that need to be integrated into car parking mobile applications.

    Since the app shows many parking areas nearby locations, in-app filters give the flexibility to users to compare the very close and budget-friendly destination to park vehicles safely.

    1. Quick Booking

    It is one of the essential steps to remember while developing vehicle parking apps for Android and iOS devices.  Upon choosing the nearest parking slot, the app should allow users to book that available space as fast as possible.

    Hence, digital payment processing and OTP verification for payment confirmation and booking confirmation need to be done faster. Such secure and fast booking facilities will help mobile application developers or businesses in optimizing app performance and user experiences.

    1. Multiple Payment Modes

    Android developers or iPhone app development companies need to develop a car parking app that supports multiple payment options. It means that users can pay parking fees through Unified Payment Interface (UPI), net banking, credit/debit cards, and e-wallets, etc. Hence, these flexible payment methods let users pay for parking services conveniently as they like.

    1. Enable GPS Navigation

    This feature would help users to find the booked parking spaces easier and faster. In-app map integration help users to find the shortest routes to reach the parking areas that the users have booked to park vehicles.

    These are a few essential features of car parking apps. So this seamless workflow of car parking app from finding a location for parking vehicles and booking to online payments and reaching destination will provide comfortable and convenient experiences to users.

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      Here are three (3) best car parking apps (USA) that save user’s time and money

      #1. BestParking

      It is a popular and the best car parking app in the USA. This app lets users find parking spots across major metropolitan cities and airports.

      Users can also reserve a parking location across three major airports in New York: Newark Liberty International Airport · LaGuardia Airport · John F. Kennedy International Airport.

      It has a simple interface and intuitive features. Users can reserve parking spots at the lowest prices and navigate through destinations with ease. It is available to download on Google Play Store and Apple App Store for free.

      #2. SpotHero

      It is the best iPhone and Android car parking app. The app has a 4.3-star rating and over one million customers.

      Users can book a parking spot across 25 cities across the USA. It is available for users in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Dallas, San Francisco, St. Louis, Washington D.C, and across many other locations.

      #3. ParkMobile

      It is one of the most downloaded car parking spot finders with nearly five million downloads. It works for users in over 300 cities in the United States of America.

      Like SpotHero, users of ParkMobile can book a parking space near airports, educational academies, crowd stadiums, and streets without any hassle.

      The free version is available for iOS and Android users on app stores.


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        How Much Does It Cost To Build A Car Parking App?

        The costs of the car parking app development will be around $ 15,000 to $ 35,000. If you would like to integrate GPS navigators and UPI payments flexibility, the development cost of the Android or iOS version app will cost you around $ 30,000 to $ 48,000.

        However, the mobile app cost will depend on the complexity level and features list. Further, the cost of a mobile application in 2022 will also depend on the total timeline of project development.

        Yes. The higher the development time that your project consumes, the higher will be the cost. The experience level and location of the mobile app developers (Android/iOS/iPhone) will also impact the mobile application development cost.

        Moreover, adding in-app chat and virtual chatbot assistance like Artificial Intelligence (AI) features will cost $100K+. AI-powered car parking app development for Android or iOS is a future-proof solution for businesses. AI Technology improves the app’s efficiency and lets businesses provide support 24*7 to their users.

        USM is the best AI app development company in the USA. We have also a strong client base across India, UAE, Kuwait, and European markets.

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        The scope for car parking apps development is high in the future. If you plan to create an on-demand parking spot finder app, it would be a profitable decision in 2023.

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