How Much Does It Cost To develop App Lock Mobile Apps?

Cost To develop App Lock Mobile Apps

How Much Does It Cost To develop App Lock Mobile Apps?

Smartphones are now banks for storing personal data, photos, videos, important documents, and many more. They carry a lot of personal or professional information. So, we should protect such valuable information from data intruders or anyone who is trying to access such information.

The smartphone brands are integrating face lock, fingerprint authentication, voice-enabled lock, and password features to ensure high-level security and privacy to the users’ mobile. But, since the brands will continuously customize the features and functionalities, the security of the app’s information or device information is still a concern.

The users can lock their apps with different security codes as per their interests and can overcome security concerns. Yes, app lock mobile apps protect confidential all built-in and externally downloaded apps. From phone apps, Whatsapp-like popular online chatting and free video calling apps to e-wallet apps and banking applications, app lock apps provide advanced protection.

Here are a few best privacy app lock apps or mobile security apps for Android and iOS. 

Top App Lock Mobile Apps For 2022 

#1. SpSoft’s AppLock- Fingerprint app

As of 9th February 2022, AppLock- Fingerprint app for Android has touched the mark of a 4.4-star rating and over 50,000,000 downloads. It is the Number 1 Android App lock application.

What features and functionalities made AppLock- Fingerprint unique among the other app lock apps?

  • The app is designed in such a way that the users can unlock apps by connecting with an authorized Bluetooth and USM connection.
  • It has premium-level technical features. Users can access the apps or unlock their mobile apps anytime from anywhere by sending a text with specific passcodes.
  • The app ensures high-level privacy to applications such as Facebook, WeChat, WhatsApp, and gallery apps with standard passwords or pattern lock or fingerprint.
  • The app allows users to protect the app content with a fake error message.
  • No individual files are protected. Users can only set a unlock pattern to the entire File Manager.
  • Users can block notifications visibility on mobile screens and improve security and privacy.
  • The application offers an auto-lock feature that allows users to automatically lock newly installed apps.
  • If anyone tries to access your applications, AppLock takes photos and sends them to Gmail or connected accounts.
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#2. Norton App Lock

 Norton app lock is one of the best Android apps that allow users to lock recommended apps and ensure privacy to the app content. With a 4.5 app star rating and 5,000,000 installs, the app is stood as the next leading and top competitor to SpSoft’s AppLock- Fingerprint Android application.

Norton privacy app lock application is best suitable for preventing kids from accessing smartphone apps. This trending Android app lock application facilitates the users to keep pattern screen lock, fingerprint authentication, or PIN.

One of the best features of this popular app lock is it captures snaps of people who are trying to unlock the applications after three consecutive attempts.

Features and functionalities of Norton-like famous app lock: 

  • Lock Apps- Users can select apps and lock with a secured PIN or pattern screen lock
  • Flexibility to set privacy locks- The app gives the users the flexibility to set passwords, PIN locks, or screen locks.
  • The cool feature of this application is the users can use the same password or PIN for multiple apps. This will reduce the burden of remembering too many passwords
  • Which mobile apps can be locked with Norton app lock? Users can lock Social media apps (like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Messenger), Camera and Gallery apps, MyFiles, and OneDrive like content storing and sharing apps.
  • Anti-Theft feature: It takes the photo of mobile users upon entering the wrong PINs three times. 

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    #3. LOCKit

    LOCKit is another popular app lock app for Android. It is LOCKit is one of the most used and most downloaded app lockers from the Google Play Store. Driven by its user-friendly and easy-to-use app interfaces, it has acquired the hearts of approximately 10 million people.

    Since it uses AES 256-bit encryption, it is impossible to break the PIN code or pattern that you have set for your private content. Here are the few advantages of this crazy mobile apps locker:

    Features of trending app clock app for Android: 

    • Like other apps in this genre, the LOCKit Android app privacy locker locks desired mobile apps and protects content from unauthorized access.
    • It supports pattern lock, fingerprint, and PIN authentication.
    • Users can hide their photos and videos and ensure privacy.
    • Hides app screen with fake screen and prevent others from breaking the passcode
    • Hides app notifications and clean up junk notifications
    • Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, Line, Gallery, Camera, Gmail, Google Play Store, Phone app, and Skype-like apps can be locked securely. 

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      #4. Vault

      Vault is a reliable and secure app locker for Android. As of February 2022, the app has over 100 million users from all corners of the world. Secure app lock, data backup on the cloud, intruder’s snap, and multi-level authentication processes are all a few benefits of Vault-like most-downloaded Android app lock application.

      Let’s discuss a few other advanced features and functionalities of Vault-like popular mobile app locker.

      Key features of Vault mobile application: 

      • Prevents privacy leaks and ensure next-level security to applications
      • Protects private photos and videos
      • Allow users to browse in incognito mode and not let others know your history of bookmarks.
      • The cloud backup feature is one of the best and most useful features of the Vault app. Users can upload private content to the cloud, so they never get deleted, accessed, or shared by others.

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      Is Privacy AppLock Apps Development Beneficial In 2022? 

      Though the smartphone has featured advanced security features such as facial recognition tools, fingerprint authenticators, and Iris scanners, installations of APPLOCK mobile applications for Android and iPhone are increasing at a rapid pace.

      Emails, online shopping apps, file managers, social media apps, call apps are all need to be locked to avoid a content leak.

      This is where people are switching towards app lock apps to protect their applications and private content from access. These apps are also helping users to avoid unnecessary or accidental pocket calling. Users can easily lock any type of app on their choice and ensure its safety and privacy.

      Herein we have discussed a few of the best app lockers for Android. Cloning any mobile app from the above list will ensure a profitable business for you in 2022.


      Now, a question might be drilling into your mind about the cost of App Lock mobile app development.

      Am I right? So, here we go.

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        How Much Does It Cost To Make App Lock Apps In 2022?

        A mobile application development cost depends on the requirements of your application, mobile app platform (Android/iOS), app type (hybrid or native), app design, features and functionalities, hourly price of native mobile app developers in the USA or India, and many other factors.

        The cost of mobile application development is not fixed. It varies based on the above list of factors. Along with these factors, the region of the mobile apps development companies USA and any other countries will also bring a drastic change in final app development costs.

        For instance, the best mobile app development companies in the USA will charge around $120-$150 per hour. So, if development time increases the cost factor too increases. Being the best mobile app development services provider USA, we estimate that the cost of a mobile app with basic features set would be range from $35,000-$65,000.

        If the application is featured with advanced in-app payments, location-tracking, in-app calling or chatting, and multi-level authentication processes, the cost factor might go beyond $150,000+.

        Similarly, UK-based mobile app developers will charge around $60-$70/hour, mobile app development companies in India will charge around $35-$55/hour, and mobile apps development companies in Europe will quote $30-$50 per hour.

        Hence, custom mobile app development cost depends on a lot of factors, as discussed. USM Business Systems, a popular custom software, mobile and web app development company in the USA, with best practices in app development, gives you an accurate price estimation. 

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