13 The Best Mobile App Development Ideas To Know In 2021

Best Mobile App Development Ideas To Know In 2021

13 The Best Mobile App Development Ideas To Know In 2021

The outbreak of COVID-19 is a major threat for businesses for the past two years. It hampered the businesses that are serving their customers in offline mode. Lockdowns and fear in people have also impacted the sales and revenues of offline businesses. They believed that going online is the only solution for their bright future.

A mobile application or mobile app is the best feed for businesses in this pandemic situation to reach the targeted audience. The mobile apps aid businesses to transform rustic offline-mode business operations and switch digital operations. Innovative mobile applications have the capability to always stay in touch with the audience when they need services from a brand.

But, coming up with an app idea that ensures the million-dollar business is not that much easy task for enterprises. They should keep in mind their industry, their products and service offerings, their audience, as well as targeted location to give a big hit to their proposed application.

Here are a few best mobile app ideas that you can try in 2021 and build brand awareness in the market faster.

  1. E-Commerce App Development

E-Commerce is a great platform for businesses to reach infinite potential buyers. Although there are thousands of e-commerce apps for android and iOS are in the market, your new marketplace or e-commerce app should offer special services to beat the competition and to succeed in the digital industry.

So, based on your business niche, decide what features make your futuristic application unique and so popular in the market. I mean to say that if your e-commerce app development project is equipped with customer-centric intelligent features, you can make it big in the market.

  1. Grocery Delivery Apps Development

The app store is filled with grocery delivery apps. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the apps which recorded high downloads are Grocery Delivery Apps. Amazon-like marketplace app is also allowing customers to order groceries from vegetables and cooking essentials to packaged food and snacks.

Besides, most of the global supermarkets are also investing in grocery app development to execute their business efficiently in this COVID season.

We can analyze the significance and future scope of the grocery delivery applications development with these instances.

  1. Doctor Appointment App Development

Digital healthcare services are gaining momentum across the world. They are enabling patients to book physician appointments, audio or video consultations, and get prescriptions on emergency conditions.

This kind of online service booking apps allows patients to communicate with the doctor all at the convenience of their home and take-outs the burden of traveling to hospitals.

However, investments in online doctor appointment booking app development in this pandemic is a great idea to commercialize and generate dollar business.

    1. Digital payment wallet app development

    The cashless payment trend is gaining momentum across the global markets. People are much interested in using digital payment service app to pay for their goods, utility bills, mobile recharges, and many more. Hassle-free, fast, and encrypted payment features are the core reasons behind the demand for online payment apps.

    However, since the COVID-19 outbreak, 85% of people are paying online through e-wallet mobile payment apps to ensure zero-contact payments and reduce the spread of coronavirus.

    Hence, online mobile payment apps or e-wallet payment applications development is the best idea to get your futuristic application featured on the app stores.

    1. Healthcare apps development

    Every enterprise across diversified industries in adopting digital technologies and solutions to go online and achieve outstanding progress in their business results. The healthcare industry is not an exception. However, compared to all other sectors, mobile technology is increasingly adopted by the healthcare industry.

    For tracking fitness, digital healthcare reports, wellness applications, remote patient monitoring apps, fitness apps, and many more. The opportunities for mobile apps development are endless.

    Further, since the outbreak of coronavirus, downloads of COVID Contact tracing apps and telemedicine apps are also on the rise. COVID Contact Tracing apps are very much useful for users to trace nearby people who tested COVID positive and reduce the spread of deadly coronavirus.

    On the other hand, the popular mobile healthcare or mHealth apps like Telemedicine applications ensure high-resolution and undisrupted online consultations and make healthcare accessible to all people who are in remote locations as well.

    Hence, healthcare apps development is a trending mobile app idea that will surely have a bright future. It appreciates your valuable investment over time and gives businesses rapid returns.

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    1. My Personal Chef Apps Development

    We have plenty of mobile apps that allow users to order food online, get doorstep delivery in minutes, and meet their food cravings at the comfort and convenience of their homes.

    But, do you ever think that we also have mobile apps that assist us in booking a professional personal chef?

    Yes, there are a few mobile applications like SRVE (a 5-star rating chef booking app) that allow the users to book a verified chef for cooking delicious and restaurant-style dishes in the comfort of their homes.

    The features of SRVE-like best iOS-based personal chef booking app integrated with menu, booking a chef, location sharing, route map integration for the chef to locate the user’s spaces, and many more crazy features.

    Based on the demand and user reviews and ratings, we picked the My Chef app as one of the most trending mobile app development ideas in 2021.

    1. Travel Plan App Development Idea

    Here is the excellent mobile application development idea in 2021 for enterprises that are in the travel and tourism industry. Travel Planner or trip planner apps like TripIt, Airbnb, Hopper, TripAdvisor, and many other have reached millions of downloads.

    Along with conventional ticket booking features, travel plan apps can analyze millions of fares of flights in a second and displays the best price for the users to book and save big.

    Besides, travel plan apps also allow users to search for the best places to stay for rental and well-organize the user’s trip. The apps also collect and match data related to the users’ favorite destinations and vacation timings to offer them a perfect trip date.

    Hence, the development of travel apps or trip planner applications will ensure profitable results for the users.

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    1. Apps That Find Parking Slots 

    We are living in a fully dense environment. In particular, roads are messed with people and automobiles. So, finding a parking slot to park our vehicles on the go is a challenging task. People are frustrated with paying hefty fines charged by the government on parking their vehicles by the roadside or somewhere else on no-parking areas.

    It is the right time for enterprises to come up with an app that finds a parking space across cities in seconds. By leveraging the GPS and traffic analysis data, the app suggests the most appropriate parking lots to the users. This mobile app idea ensures a promising future for app owners.

    1. Augmented Reality Apps Development

    Augmented reality (AR) app development has become a new trend in this digital world. Nowadays, Augmented Reality (AR) apps enabling users to interact with real-world objects in virtual space. The real estate agencies are increasingly adopting AR-based apps with 3D models to offer virtual home tour features to buyers.

    Likewise, marketplace or market-based apps also integrating AR features to allow customers to try outfits or glam accessories virtually to pick the products that suit them. Hence, the development of AR-enabled applications attracts more people with its virtual features and gives a big hit to your application.

    1. Instant PDF Converter App

    Unlike all the above mobile app ideas, this is a most promising app idea that helps students and professionals instantly scan and convert documents, invoices, payment receipts, and anything into PDF and save for later use.

    So, users do not need to go and wait for scanning or converting documents into PDF format. Just upload the receipts or documents, and the app will quickly scan and converts them into pdfs.

    It is a brilliant mobile app development idea that you can try in 2021.

    1. Language learning apps development

    The craze for digital learning is increasing day by day. Online teaching apps, professional course learning apps, and language learning apps are the most trending categories in the e-learning apps market.

    Among the other two traditional applications, we consider language learning apps as the best and profitable mobile app development idea in 2021.

    The language learning applications help users in improving vocabulary, pronunciation, reading, listening, and writing skills in languages.

    Duolingo is one of the best language learning apps with the most user-specific features and functionalities. As of May 2021, the app has over 100 million installs and a 4.7/5 rating in the app stores.

    Talk to our mobile app development experts to know e-learning apps development costs in 2021


    1. Voice Translation Apps Development

    Advancements in mobile technologies are widening the scope innovation. Yes. Artificial intelligence (AI) based mobile apps making everything possible. AI technologies, including Natural language processing, speech-to-text or text-to-speech techniques are increasingly adopting by mobile app developers in voice translation apps development.

    Voice translation apps are best useful for travelers to communicate with the natives in their native language. The app quickly interprets the words and translates them into the desired language required by the users.

    1. GPS Tracking Apps Development

    Nowadays, with a primary concern towards security, almost all online service delivery apps have GPS tracking functionalities. GPS tracking apps are used for multiple purposes, including finding locations, tracking services and orders, tracking and monitoring IoT-enabled automobiles and objects, and so on.

    Mall navigation apps or location-tracking apps to find a location inside a building or shopping mall are also widely accepted by people.


    Final Words

    Herein, we have bright the most trending and useful mobile app ideas that ensure high downloads, dollar business, and quick business growth in respective niches of businesses.

    Was our article triggered your creative thinking ability for new mobile app development ideas?

    It’s great. USM Business Systems, a leading mobile app development company in the USA, is here to turn your app idea into a bespoke mobile application.

    We have over two decades of experience in building creative e-commerce apps, grocery delivery apps, travel apps, restaurant apps, online money remittance apps, currency exchange apps, e-learning apps, mHealth apps, e-wallet apps, and many more.

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