Best 10+ Grocery Delivery Apps In The USA 2024

Top 10 Grocery Delivery Apps In The USA

Best 10+ Grocery Delivery Apps In The USA 2024

The online delivery businesses, especially during the post corona pandemic have witnessed tremendous growth. Supermarkets or e-commerce players are engaged in delivering groceries, kitchen essentials, home essentials, and all personal care products directly to the doorsteps of the customers.

On top of all, grocery apps have created a trend across the global markets. Grocery mobile apps never compromised on user comfort and convenience. These apps are helping people to order fresh groceries online and get them instantly within 30 minutes.

Driven by the people switching to safe and convenient door delivery services, the demand for online grocery delivery apps across the world has crossed the sky limit. This trend is giving wide opportunities for Grocery delivery application development for Android and iPhone.

Though thousands of grocery apps are available in the Google Play Store and Android App Store, Grocery Delivery App Development is still a hot topic in the industry and heading towards a success milestone.

Today, we would like to talk about a few best grocery delivery apps (Android & iOS) in the USA. These food and grocery delivery apps reported a million downloads and have helped the citizens of America a lot during the nerve-racking pandemic.

If you are looking ahead to developing grocery apps or food delivery apps, you can clone any of the below-listed apps for tasting the successful results as soon as your app was launched.

Let’s get started!

Top 10 Grocery Delivery Apps In The USA      

#1. Walmart- The largest online grocery delivery apps in the USA

Walmart is an American–based multinational online retailer. As of 2021, the app has been downloaded by nearly 50 million times from Google Play Store. And, approximately ten million times it has been downloaded by iPhone users.

This one-stop online shopping app has ranked as the fourth largest US top shopping app beyond Amazon, Shein, and Shop. In terms of grocery delivery services, it is leading the industry with its reliable, faster, easier, committed, safe and secure deliveries.

Users can order groceries, household essentials, and millions of other products from favorite and popular brands from the comfort of their places. 

#2. Kroger- Most popular grocery shopping & delivery apps in USA

 Kroger is the best online grocery delivery app in the USA, which is available for Android and iPhone. It offers the hottest coupons, deals, discounts, and other promotional offers to customers and optimizes its ranking in the USA’s online delivery industry.

From fresh vegetables, foodstuffs, pulses and spices, and frozen food to pre-packaged household goods, healthcare products, baby care products, beauty care products, pet care products, personal care products, and bakery and confectionery items, Kroger delivers everything.

The app gives the flexibility to users to shop online or offline and opt for pickup goods or door delivery. This concept also made Kroger the best online iOS app and Android grocery delivery application in the USA.

Secure and convenient in-app payments, in-app scanning facility, and order tracking facility are some user-friendly features of Kroger-like most-downloaded grocery app in America.

This popular grocery delivery app in America has been given a 4.8/5 star rating from over 1 million iPhone users. On the other side, the app is also featured on Google Play Store and given a 4.5/5 star rating by nearly 10 million users.

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#3. Instacart- The Best Grocery Delivery Application In The USA for Android and iOS

 Instacart is a leading American grocery delivery app that operates across the USA and Canadian locations. It is giving stiff competition to Kroger in the USA. This famous online retailer has partnered with over 600 supermarkets and other retailers to ensure smooth services to its audience.

It is best useful for ordering groceries, fresh food, chilled beverages, snacks, alcohol, and many more products online from their favorite stores and getting them all at doorsteps in as fast as one hour.

One of the best features of the Instacart online delivery app is it offers same-day delivery or pickup of fresh or preservatives at flexible prices. Like many other on-demand grocery delivery apps, Instacart also gives its users the flexibility of self-pickup or door delivery services.

As of 2021, this San Francisco, California-based trending grocery delivery app has generated $1.8 billion in revenues and has over 9.6 million users.   

#4. DoorDash- A Popular Grocery App In The USA

DoorDash is one of the best and top-rated online food delivery apps in San Francisco, California, NYC United States. As of Statista, DoorDash is the most downloaded mobile app for online grocery ordering and delivery in the USA. It has reported nearly 39 million downloads and giving stiff competition to other players in the industry.

It allows users to order food and groceries from nearly thousands of nearby local supermarkets and restaurants across the USA, Canada, and Australia.

This on-demand grocery delivery application (Android & iOS) in the USA is popularizing with its user-friendly features that allow users to search for restaurants or supermarkets easier and order items faster. The app’s “Takeaway” or Pick up feature will enable users to order from home and collect and pick up their products in minutes.

Are you looking to hire the best grocery delivery app development company USA?

    #5. Amazon Prime Now- Top Online Grocery Delivery Application For Android and iPhone

    Amazon Prime Now is a free-to-downloadable grocery delivery app that is one of the top listed mobile applications in the USA. Millions of downloads, active users, and super excelling app performance made it one of the biggest on-demand delivery apps for android and iOS.

    It’s simple UI and easy-to-access features are success stones for the Amazon Prime Now grocery shopping app. From electronics to groceries, users can order from favorite local grocery shops and retailers and get delivered to their doorstep within 2 hours.

    Search local supermarkets/stores, hassle-free checkout, quick order, exclusive deals and promos, express delivery, scheduled delivery, real-time order tracking, easy return policy, and in-app card/wallet payments are a few user-friendly features of this popular USA-based grocery app.

    Accordingly, Google Shopping, Shipt,, 7Now, Imperfect Foods, Dumpling, Postmates, and CheckOut51 are other popular grocery delivery apps in the USA.   

    Build A Grocery Delivery App Like Walmart and InstaCart and grab the market opportunities.

      What Features and Functionalities Will Make Your Grocery App Successful?

      We have discussed a few USA’s best grocery delivery apps for Android and iPhone devices. The core reason behind the success of these applications is their feature set. Yes. User-engaging features and functionalities are assisting these brands to survive competitively in this clone apps world.

      Being the best custom mobile app development company in the USA, we have compiled a list of the best features that are required to create an outstanding grocery delivery application.

      Must-have Features For Customer Panel 

      • Quick sign-up and login
      • Social media login
      • Customized search feature
      • Location tracking
      • Product Categories
      • Customized filters
      • High-quality content
      • Add To cart
      • Wish list
      • Smooth Checkout
      • Apply Promos or discounts
      • In-app payments or COD
      • Order tracking
      • Order history
      • User Profile
      • Push Notifications
      • Ratings & Review
      • Schedule Delivery
      • Pickup or Door Delivery
      • Manage Cart: To add or remove saved items from cart
      • Rewards & Redeems

      Must-Have Features To Develop Restaurant Panel

      • Simple login
      • Upload Products
      • Upload promos, discounts, and deals
      • Order Accept or Reject
      • Status Tracking
      • Order History
      • Payment Management

      These are must-have features that need to be added to your grocery delivery clone apps. You also need to add a few necessary features for developing Admin and Delivery Agent panels.

      Must-Have Features To Develop Delivery Agent Panel

      • Simple Registration and login
      • Accept or reject delivery requests
      • Geo location tracking
      • Route navigation
      • Orders delivered history
      • In-app calling or chatting feature
      • Payment history
      • Reviews and ratings 

      Must-Have Features To Develop Admin Panel For Grocery Delivery App

      • Simple dashboard view
      • Orders management
      • Retail stores management
      • Products management
      • Delivery agent management
      • Content management
      • User profile management
      • In-app product or brand promotion campaigns management
      • Inventory tracking and management
      • Reviews and ratings management
      • Deals and discounts management
      • Product categories management
      • Conversion rates management

      USM Business Systems is one of the best grocery delivery app development services providers in the USA. We help supermarkets and retailers to offer fresh Grocery Delivery services to customers.

      Get an attractive grocery delivery app development quote!

        The Estimated Cost Of Grocery Delivery App Development

         The cost of on-demand grocery delivery app for Android and iOS in the USA will cost somewhat around $35,000-$150,000. Since the hourly rate of mobile app development companies in India is low as compared to the USA app development companies, the grocery delivery app development cost in India would range from $18,000 to $55,000. 

        If you are looking to hire the best grocery delivery app development company, then USM is the best custom app development partner for you. Our expert team of app designers and developers will help you in creating an ultimate mobile grocery delivery app at an affordable budget.   

        Wrapping Up 

        It is the right to clone app development. Since the above list of grocery delivery apps in the USA is creating a buzz in their niches, creating clone apps is a pretty good strategy. User-friendly grocery app development with advanced in-app tracking and e-wallet payment features will help you boost your online grocery business.

        Being the best grocery delivery app development company in the United States, the team of USM’s app developers creates out-of-the-box grocery delivery solutions or multi-vendor grocery apps at affordable budget. 

        Let’s build a grocery app that beats the clone app traffic in the app stores!



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