How Much Does it Cost to Develop an On-Demand Courier Delivery App or Package Tracking App?

How Much Does it Cost to Develop an On-Demand Courier Delivery App

How Much Does it Cost to Develop an On-Demand Courier Delivery App or Package Tracking App?

Nowadays, the extreme focus of modern businesses is to reach customer expectations and maintain transparency in delivering services. Everything around us is rapidly transforming because of digitalization and high-speed internet availability. With the increasing switch to online shopping apps, the way people purchase and track orders have also changed. It has increased the demand for package tracking app and delivery apps from service providers.

Package tracking app or shipment tracking apps are such applications that help businesses track goods and monitor the status of deliveries and enhance customer experiences. On the other side, parcel delivery apps also assist users in tracking orders that they placed on e-commerce or marketplace platforms in real-time.

Companies of any size are investing in package delivery apps development to provide end-to-end security to customer orders, from packing goods to reaching destinations. Let us take a look at a few popular package tracker apps for android and iOS devices.

Cost to Develop an On-Demand Package Tracking App

List Of Top Package Delivery Apps For Android & iOS

Here are the five leading shipment tracking software applications that benefit businesses in tracking shipments in real-time and improving customer experiences by delivering products on time.

#1. OneTracker

OneTracker is a package tracking software that is available for Android and iPhone mobile users. It is an ad-free delivery-tracking mobile application. This multi-carrier package tracking tool is a trusted tracking application for DHL Express, FedEx, AliExpress/Cainiao, Canada Post, and Amazon Logistics-like the biggest carriers.

The app is integrated with a bunch of features, such as auto-tracking in real-time, push notifications, view tracking information on the dashboard, and quick and easy data across multiple devices.

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    #2. 17TRACK

    17Track is another the best delivery-tracking mobile application for both Android and iOS users. With a 4.8 star rating and over 5 million mobile app downloads, 17Track applications are stood on the list of the best goods tracking apps in 2021. It is ranked as an all-in-one package platform that tracks thousands of carriers at free-of-cost. Users can track any kind of packages from a single platform.

    It is a unique mobile app that allows users to track multiple carriers in a single dashboard seamlessly. This trending package tracker also supports Barcode and QR code scanning for quick and easy tracking. Further, the application also can send push notifications regarding the status of the order or package.


    #3. Deliveries

    This is a leading GPS tracking app for tracking packages. It allows users to track all parcels conveniently at any time from anywhere. Due to its trustworthy tracking services and safe product deliveries without any damages to products, making it is the first choice for many global brands. Amazon, eBay Fastway, International Bridge, TAXIPOST, and many more service providers are listed on this app.

    Users can enter the tracking ID and view the package delivery status. By entering the tracking ID and the tracking URL via E-Mail, this app helps users find the exact location of the parcel and also gives an estimated delivery date and time.

    This famous parcel tracking app is available for Android and iOS. It is a free-to-download app with an in-app purchases facility to access premium features of the application.


    #4. ParcelTrack

    ParcelTrack is the best package and shipment tracking partner for Landmark Global, USPS, Parcelforce, UPS, DHL (Express), FedEx, and many more delivery service providers.

    This popular shipment tracker allows users to track packages shipped through all these providers conveniently. It allows users to track multiple products simultaneously and get delivery status notifications. PracelTrack also stores and sends security notifications to the about who collected the order in their absence.

    The best feature of this app is data synchronization. Whether the user with a tablet, a smartphone, or at the desk, ParcelTrack is accessible on all devices. Such synchronization lets the users keep an eye on their orders 24*7 from any device.

    On top of all, this app is integrated with GPS-location tracking ability. This feature allows the users to track the location of the shipment vehicle in real-time. Delivery forecast, ParcelTrack Inbox, delivered packages history, and customizable push notifications are a few of the best advantages of the PracelTrack-like on-demand order tracking platform.

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       #5. TrackChecker Mobile

       TrackChecker Mobile app is the best custom android/iOS application for chasing online orders using tracking IDs. The app tracks packages and shipments from over 600 postal and courier services in nearly 200 countries worldwide. Users can upload tracking ID and get notifications on tracking updates until they receive the parcel.

      As of November 2021, the app has reported over one million downloads and acquired a strong brand name in the parcel tracking industry.

       Significant Features and Functionalities Of Package Delivery Apps

      Here are a few basic features that need to be added to the user panel:

      • Quick and easy registration and login
      • Profile creation and management facility
      • Home screen with dashboard for viewing tracking status
      • In-app location tracking feature for live tracking
      • Estimated parcel arrival time and cost of the product to pay
      • In-app chatbot feature for providing 24*7 support to users
      • Push notifications
      • Discounts and coupons
      • Integration of multi-payment modes or e-wallets for secure and quick payments
      • Ratings and review to give feedback to courier delivery service providers

      Significant features to be added in on-demand courier delivery application for Courier’s panel

      • Account creation and login
      • View and manage the list of orders
      • Pick up orders from online products delivery companies like Amazon
      • Delivery status updates
      • In-app char feature
      • Update parcel weight and time of delivery
      • Enabling GPS
      • Delivery history for maintaining all previous deliveries
      • Send push notifications on estimated delivery

      Package tracking apps development: Features for Admin Panel

      • Order management
      • Courier profile management
      • Managing tracking IDs
      • Deliveries management
      • Managing chat
      • Managing invoices
      • Dashboard, Analytics, and reports
      • Feedback analysis
      • Push notifications management
      • Digital payments or e-wallet payments management

      Know the Cost of an On-demand Courier delivery application for Android and iOS.

      What Things to Remember Before Commencing Package Delivery Mobile App Development?

      • On-demand shipment visibility at customer touchpoint for enhancing app experience
      • Automated emails or push notifications upon triggering a recent shipment update from carriers
      • In-app shipment tracking notifications regarding shipment status, location updates, and estimated arrival date and time, etc.
      • Facility to view historical packages delivery data
      • GPS-enabled location tracking functionality to locate shippers

      Package Delivery Mobile App Development

      Which Technology Stack Is Best for Delivery Tracking Mobile Application Development?

      • Programming Languages for android app development– Java or Kotlin
      • Programming Languages for iPhone/iOS app development- Swift, Objective C
      • For Payment Integrations– Braintree, Stripe, Paypal
      • location Tracking– Google Places API
      • Map Integration– MapKit, Google Maps
      • For User Registrations and Log in – Facebook SDK, Gmail SDK
      • For Storage – AWS, Google, Azure, Digital Ocean
      • For Analytics – Firebase, Google Analytics

      How To Hire Package Tracking Apps Developers?

      Trending courier delivery and package tracking app development needs a team of professional native or cross-platform android and iOS app developers, UI/UX designers for creating attractive interfaces, QA testers, and app maintenance and support team.

      Along with this, the mobile app development company that you hire should also match the below criteria for the development of a successful mobility solution for your business.

      • Long experience in the industry
      • Successful and proven app development approaches
      • Quality driven development cycle from idea and UI design to App development and maintenance
      • Strong track record of delivered projects or portfolio
      • Highly skilled and professional Android and iOS mobile app developers
      • Tough QA team with a focus on implementing effective testing strategies to make sure the app is bugs-free


      How Much Will It Cost To Develop Package Tracking or Parcel Tracking, or Shipment Tracking Mobile App?

      The development cost of delivery tracking apps like ParcelTrack and 17Track might float around $35,000-$180,000.

      However, this estimated delivery tracking app development cost will vary based on design complexity, the number of features, app type (native mobile app or hybrid mobile app), app platform (android or iOS or web), and the location of the leading mobile app development company.

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      Convenience and Comfort are King and Queen in this digital world. The high demand for courier or parcel delivery apps shows people’s drastic shift to online service delivery apps. The courier delivery apps are efficient, reliable, and secure in delivering products to end-users and adding value to brands.

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