How Much Does it Cost to Develop an Automotive Mobile App Development?


How Much Does it Cost to Develop an Automotive Mobile App Development?

The automotive sector is rapidly moving to the next level of intelligence with autonomous vehicle development and connected car app development. In particular, innovative connected car applications are at the forefront in fully digitizing the automotive industry. High-level security, enhanced driving experience, car-to-car communication, and finding parking slots are a few benefits of connected car apps.

Excellent performance in coupled with the demand made connected car apps so popular. Moreover, the increasing adoption of the next-generation IoT technology in the automotive industry is expected to boost the market value of connected car apps development to $85 billion by 2022. So, investment in connected car app development will give revenue flows to businesses.

In the article, we have compiled a list of the best IoT-enabled connected car apps with features. We have also provided a detailed guide on the development cost of connected car apps for those businesses who plan to invest in connected car app solutions.

What Are Connected Cars?

Connected cars refer to vehicles equipped with internet connectivity. These vehicles communicate with IoT-enabled sensor devices, switch data over the internet, and provide Wi-Fi connection to the passenger for various needs. Connected cars support the driver to reach destinations quickly, safely in a cost-effective manner.

Self Driving Car

One of the best things about connecting cars is its data-sharing ability. So, let us know about the different levels in interchanging the data gathered.

  • Vehicle to Infrastructure: Here, the connected vehicle interacts with surroundings to get real-time information about the traffic, road conditions, open parking spaces, and more.
  • Vehicle to Vehicle: It enables information exchange between vehicles about speed, location, and traffic and helps drivers reach the destination safely and fast.
  • Vehicle to Cloud: At this level, data exchange between vehicle and cloud platforms will take place. The connected cars send sensor data to the cloud platform for further storage and getting insights into vehicle maintenance and performance.
  • Vehicle to Pedestrians: Data related to pedestrians on the road will be captured and shared with the driver as notifications.
  • Vehicle to Everything: At this level, data related to weather patterns, accidents, road constructions, and nearby emergency vehicles, and traffic lights, etc will be shared with the driver.

Benefits of Connected Car Apps

  • Vehicle Monitoring: The smart car apps regularly check the vehicle core condition and suggest actions to prevent breakdowns. Hence, users can reduce the maintenance cost of the vehicles.
  • Car Efficiency: Connected cars give more control and information about vehicles and surroundings. The real-time data about the road’s status and traffic details improve the driving experience.
  • Augment Vehicle’s In-Built Capabilities: Connected car apps help drivers get information on parking slots, navigation systems, traffic updates, and locate pedestrians on the road. It will ensure high-level security and happy driving. Connected car apps also offer cashback and discounts for availing services via third-party tools.
  • Safe Driving: The drivers will be informed with real-time data of road conditions and can drive in the shortest routes. It reduces the chances of accident occurrences, heavy traffic and creates a safer way.
  • Affect On Community & Environment: Connected car apps help users drive on pollution-free and safe roads. Smart routing ways help drivers reach destinations faster and safer.

    Most Popular Connected Car Applications & Features

    1. Drivvo

    Drivvo is a trending connected car application available for Android and iOS. You can control your expenses, maintenance reminders, and track vehicle performance.

    Features of the best-connected car apps like Drivvo App

    • Easy to register, organize and discover your vehicle
    • Sends reports and graphs of fuel consumption
    • Users can record and quickly calculate monthly car expenses
    • Easy to register taxes, insurance, fines, and more
    • Drivers can identify the best fuel for the vehicle using Flex Calculator.
    • Restore data from third-party apps like Fuelio, My Cars, Fuel Log, and more.
    1. Simply Auto

    Managing a vehicle is an easy task with having the Simply Auto app on a smartphone. It works effectively to maintain different logbooks of mileage and expenses for personal and business purposes.

    Key Features Of Simply Auto App

    • Drivers can track, record, and set reminders for car maintenance.
    • Stores sensor data on the cloud
    • Users can share the reports with others
    • Trips can be categorized as business and personal to track mileage.
    • Easy to track monthly fuel expenses based on the type of fuel and filling stations.
    1. Zubie

    Zubie is the best automotive maintenance app that is available for Android, iOS, and Web. Based on the driving patterns, the app helps gives analytics on driving performance. It also locates vehicles, sends maintenance alerts, trip tracking, and tracks nearby fuel stations and discounts.

    Key Features Of Zubie App

    • Users can check live location, trip history, geofence alerts for their vehicles.
    • Drives can track vehicle maintenance and reduce the cost of service.
    • Integrate with third-party apps like Expensify to record the expenses and taxes.
    • Sends reports and alerts on fuel status, distance traveled, and more.
    • Suggest traffic-free routes using GPS tracking
    • Detects and sends alerts about engine health and battery
    1. AUTOsist

    AUTOsist is a leading driver assistance app that helps the driver in maintaining gas logs and vehicle service receipts. The application is a perfect tool for fleet management.

    Key Features of AUTOsist App

    • Stores records in the cloud
    • Better synchronization between mobile and web
    • Quickly take pictures and scans receipts
    • Export the vehicle service and repair history
    • Track and records fuel expenses
    • Sends alerts on fuel level, battery, tyre, and engine
    1. GoFar

    It is a free car maintenance application available for Android and iOS platforms. The application automatically records real-time data, including mileage, speed, RPM, fuel expenses, and more.

    Key Features of GOFAR App

    • Diagnose your vehicle regularly and get reports to improve performance.
    • You can export the data easily with third-party applications.
    • Users can automatically log the trip details.
    • Drivers can track the fuel fills, engine check lights, and emissions.


    Significant Connected Car Trends That Revolutionize the Automotive Industry

    • Telematics: Telematics devices are installed in your vehicle to send, receive and sort the collected data. It records information like locations, speed, fuel consumption, and vehicle faults. This technology is helpful to record the driving behavior that includes speed and harsh brakes.
    • Self Driving Cars: Self-driving cars are the future of automobiles that uses sensors and software to control the vehicle. These autonomous cars sense the surroundings and drive safely with minimum or no human input.
    • AI Interfaces: Artificial intelligence is going to deploy widely across the automotive industry. This modern technology helps in monitoring driver behavior and establishes a communication platform between a vehicle and a driver.
    • Sensors and IoT: Connected car technology depends on IoT sensors to collect or exchange data between platforms. The analytics platform helps in giving insights into driving speed, engine performance, fuel level, and many more.
    • Internet Connectivity: These days all automobile industries manufacture vehicles with internet connection and cloud access. It helps drivers with navigation and finding smart routes that save time and fuel consumption.

    How much does it cost to develop an automobile mobile apps for Android and iOS?

    Internet of Things (IoT) plays a vital role in automotive mobile apps development. It creates a connected ecosystem of vehicles and gives real-time updates on car maintenance, engine performance, driving speed, fuel level, etc.

    Building automotive apps with such powerful technologies might be expensive. The cost is mostly dependent on the app platform used, the features added in the app, and the UX/UI design. All these factors impact the overall development cost of the automotive apps.

    Being the best automotive mobile apps development company, we estimate the cost factor. The average cost of app development is around $30,000 to $100,000 for an automotive app.

    Are you looking to develop the connect car application?

    USM is one of the best mobile app development companies in India and the USA. We can assist you in the process of building an automotive application as per your requirements.


    The purchase of connected cars from leading automobile brands is increasing every year. It is creating market space for IoT automotive apps. USM is the leading mobile app development company in India and the USA. We develop feature-rich connected car apps using the power of IoT.

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