How To Become A Successful Brand In This Mobile-First World?


How To Become A Successful Brand In This Mobile-First World?

The year 2022 will become another blockbuster year for the growth of smartphone usage. The mobile app industry has recorded millions of applications, billions of downloads, and grabbed nearly 3.8 trillion hours of smartphone users’ time. These numbers are simply reflecting the mobile app development growth and blissful future in 2022 and beyond.

In this mobile first-environment, people are switching to apps for their essential needs and paying through e-wallet apps to encourage cashless modes. Following the COVID-pandemic, the downloads of digital wallets or e-wallet apps have been increased with rocket speed. Since the brands to startups are accepting online payments, the demand for e-wallet apps is at a peak level in the market.

According to research-focused companies, over 2 million new mobile apps have been launched from the beginning of 2021 to January 2022. Applications like entertainment, marketplace or e-commerce apps, online communication apps, food and groceries delivery apps, travel apps, and finance apps are on top of the list of the best and most-downloaded app categories in the world.

This has increased the investments in iOS app development or Android app development. High growth and emerging industries like social media and entertainment, banking and finance, and consumer service companies are all adopting smartphone trends and seizing enormous opportunities.

Entrepreneurs and mid-sized companies are also giving intensified competition to multi-national organizations by addressing mobile app development solutions to their target audience. They are seamlessly decoding the secrets behind the success of brands with digital solutions. By leveraging Android apps and iOS apps, the entrepreneurs are competing on a global scale.

If you are looking to hire a mobile app development company and planning to invest in native or hybrid mobile apps to make your brand visible in competitive global markets, here are a few trends that you should know before starting the mobile app development process.

Here are the top mobile app development trends that you must focus on to remain competitive in 2022.

  1. Top Industries Which Are Generating Profit Flows Through Mobile App Services

business value in USDThese industries are benefiting by offering on-demand mobile app services to their audience. Due to the pandemic, 99.5% of companies across these industries have switched their business from offline to online mode.

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  1. Most Popular Mobile Technology Trends

Here are a few revolutionizing mobile technologies that are helping businesses create brand value and stand at the forefront of the digital competition.

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

With the success of Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered Siri and Alexa like personal voice assistant apps, it is profitable for companies to invest in AI mobile apps. AI technology by wearing Machine Learning (ML) and Speech Recognition like modern and leading-edge technologies as firewall, is offering tremendous future benefits to the companies.

AI app development has become a buzz in recent years. Whether it is a native mobile app or a cross-platform mobile app, mobile apps development companies are integrating AI features to make the application’s features, functionalities, and performance to the next level of intelligence.

USM Business Systems offer AI app development services and solutions that help businesses in optimizing user experiences through AI-Chatbot assistance, reducing operational overheads, and improving overall user personalization.

  • The Internet-of-Things (IoT)

With the increasing installation of smart sensor devices, the demand for IoT development is been touching the sky limit. Moreover, IoT apps development for smart home automation is witnessing high demand in the market.

According to Statista, there will be nearly 1 billion connected devices in 2022, and the number will be expected to increase beyond one’s expectations. Of total IoT-enabled connected devices, smart wearables would like to grab the highest market share of approximately 700 million.

Hence, IoT applications development for controlling, monitoring, tracking, and managing sensor-equipped cars, devices, and wearables (like activity trackers and smartwatches) would become a trend in the future. 

Cost To IoT Mobile App Development
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  • AR and VR in mobile game app development 

Pokemon Go is an Augmented Reality (AR)-powered mobile gaming application which is launched in 2016. The mobile app has got 4.3/5 positive feedback and reported over 100 million downloads as of 7th February 2022.

With the success of this AR-based mobile application, the entertainment and gaming industries were focused on AR app development. The integration of AR and Virtual Reality (VR) in mobile application development let organizations offer immersive app experiences to the users.

Not only in mobile gaming app development, AR and VR trend is also ensuring incredible benefits for real estate companies. Real estate businesses can offer a complete virtual site view or home tour services to their customers using the power of VR-based mobile apps.

Similarly, cosmetics and garments companies are also offering advanced AR and VR services. Now, users can virtually try makeup kits and outfits and buy the best that suits their skin tone and structure.

These are all innovations of AR and VR in mobile app development. Being a leading and expert iOS and Android app development company, we anticipate that AR and VR technologies will reshape the mobile app development services industry in 2022. Statista says that the market value of AR and VR technology in app development will reach $209 billion by the end of this year.

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If you are a startup and planning to invest in mobile applications, these are a few notable trends in the mobile app development sector to create a best-in-class application that promotes your business services and products online.


Wrapping Up 

Mobile app development is the best solution for organizations to flag your brand name global wide. We are one of the best AI mobile app development companies in the USA.

We offer native Android app development services, native iPhone app development services, AI consultancy & app development, and IoT app development services.

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